Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Titanium is Unveiled

by Christopher Scott

Iron Man: Armored Adventures “Titanium Vs Iron” (S02E07)

The episode begins with Justin Hammer in the middle of a weapons presentation for several world leaders, including Nick Fury. After making a mockery of Iron Man, he is about to show off the prototype for Project Titanium when the entire building loses power. Hammer instinctively knows what the problem is; Iron Man has infiltrated the building.

Hammer’s paranoia seems to be correct as we see Iron Man hacking into Hammer’s computer systems on-site. He is using his stealth armor, which has a cloaking ability to hide him from cameras and such. After shutting down the power he brings the systems back online and begins to bypass security measures in the hopes to find his Iron Man specs and delete them permanently. He only makes it halfway though before being found by the guards and chased from the building. Just before disconnecting he also finds out some intelligence on Project Titanium. He races back to the armory just in time to avoid much of a confrontation.

The next day Tony is having a break between classes on the school’s rooftop with Pepper and Rhodey. The same general themes pop up from this season - about how Tony never owned the armor specs because they weren’t patented, so Hammer never actually “stole” them and whatnot. The argument is broken up by an invitation via text from Hammer to Tony for dinner to discuss Tony’s secret. The trio jump to the conclusion that Hammer must know Tony is Iron Man because Ghost sold him out from a previous episode. Tony decides to face Hammer personally.
When Tony arrives at Hammer’s penthouse the two have some small talk which leads them to Hammer’s suspicions about Tony. He believes that Tony is working for Stark International and is giving them weapons designs in an effort to strengthen the company before he takes it over at 18. Tony is angered by the allegations, says some rude remarks, and storms out. On the plus side, Iron Man’s identity is safe for another day.

Photo: Marvel
Later that evening Iron Man brings War Machine for backup while he tries to once again reclaim his armor specs and find out more about Project Titanium. Only one of these goals proves successful however, as Titanium Man (…really) is keeping watch over the computer terminal. Titanium Man is another suit of armor being piloted by Justin Hammer. It is significantly larger than Iron Man and much more powerful than Iron Man’s stealth armor can handle. In mere moments Titanium Man has Iron Man on the ground and down for the count. War Machine interrupts the killing blow only to bear witness to the ultimate weapon Titanium Man seems to possess: a beam used to leech power from its opponents. It drains War Machine completely and Rhodey passes out inside the armor. Iron Man produces a last-ditch Repulsor blast that blows back this menace and escapes the building with War Machine in tow.

Tony calls Pepper from inside the armor as he flees the scene. He is low on power from the battle and from carrying War Machine, and with Rhodey out of commission he needs the Mark II armor sent to him via remote that only Pepper can fly to him. She leaves her date with Happy (again) and rushes to aid her friends.

Meanwhile, Titanium Man is catching up to our heroes quickly. He manages to keep Iron Man constantly on the defensive until Iron Man is forced to use the last bit of energy from his armor to revive Rhodey. After this, Tony sheds the armor and hides from Titanium Man. Hammer is delighted over how well his armor is faring against the duo as he crushes the stealth armor beneath his massive feet. He continues to chase its pilot (whom he is not yet aware, is Tony) until War Machine again stops him short of his goal. As he fends off the behemoth, the Mark II armor is delivered to Tony, thanks to Pepper. Iron Man rejoins the fight and the two manage a victory by heating up Titanium Man until he bursts into flame. Apparently once titanium reaches a certain temperature it burns up with no hope of being put out. Titanium Man retreats, as do Iron Man and War Machine. I call it a draw at best.

Hammer returns back to his corporate offices at Hammer Multinational and blames his failure on Mr. Fix. Surprisingly, for his blundering, he kills Fix using the nano virus he planted in him at the beginning of the season! Hammer picks up a computer chip from the back of Fix’s now-limp body and places into his computer. Fix’s face is displayed via hologram as Hammer explains that Fix’s body is gone but his mind is now trapped inside the computer, continuing work on new technological advances for Hammer. Fade to black.

Overall it was a pretty predictable episode, but how about that ending!? What did you think? Sound off below!
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