Friday, August 19, 2011

Two Proposals & a Reunion on TVLand...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Hot in Cleveland
"Indecent Proposals" (S02E20): Melanie is writing an article for Women's Day and she wonders if a woman can have sex with no strings attached. Elka keeps making Sex and the City references (she's a Samantha, by the way). Each of the girls will try meaningless sex. Melanie chickens out since her daughter might read about it. Joy's guy creeps her out when it turns out that he's had the names of every girl he's ever slept with tattooed on himself. [well, that is extremely creepy!] Victoria's guy has a heart attack: "I'm too old to die young." [haha.] Elka's booty call worked out, and then she taught Fred how to text. [The card game euphemisms for sex were pretty good.] Elka decides she's a Charlotte and is going to propose! Victoria's guy is needy on the couch... but he ends up proposing. Fred falls in the well and Victoria is supposed to call 911, but calls the news station first. Because baby pandas are the big national news at the moment, Victoria pretends that the dog is also down in the well to get national coverage. [I thought that this was pretty funny, but it would never hold up... the firefighters aren't going to corroborate that story...] Melanie and Joy dress up and are ready when the firemen arrive. [love their reactions. but Victoria's constant promos for the cosmetics line got old. really old.] Fred ends up proposing to Elka, and Melanie decides that women prefer sex with strings. Victoria accepts the proposal, but they can't decide on a place to live, so they decide that their current relationship is perfect - they just commute to see eachother when they start missing one another. [I'm pretty sure you can't have sex the day after a heart attack. also, not a strong episode overall.] 

Happily Divorced "Torn Between Two Lovetts" (S01E10): Judi and Peter are accompanying Fran to a book signing. The author is played by Charles Shaughnessy, who co-starred in The Nanny with Fran years ago. And he wastes no time making a Nanny joke - saying "fine" right after Fran says her first name - a play on her surname from the previous show. The author finds Fran intriguing so he asks her to lunch. Fran then makes a joke about the old show in the way she says "Mr. Sherwood" like she used to say "Mr. Sheffield." [laughable yet I groaned at the same time.] Fran forgot Peter at the mall. [hahahahahaha!] Mr. Sherwood asks Peter out to dinner. Fran goes crying to her parents, where she talks more Nanny references - three kids in a mansion with a butler. [I liked Fran's outfit the next morning - belted dress over jeans.] Then, both Fran and Peter receive the same invitation for dinner with Mr. Sherwood. [I don't care if I've said it before - I hate the way this show does their commercial breaks!] Fran shows up and there's a joke about "the lady in red." [though at least they didn't push it with "when everybody else is wearing tan."] Gregory suggests they go for a swim - he had a size 2 swimsuit sent up from the gift shop, which Fran struggles to get on, ripping it in the process. Fran is changing when Peter shows up. Gregory then invites Peter to swim, and suggests they swim in the nude, though Peter suggests he borrow a suit from Gregory (which turns out to be a Speedo). Fran comes out to a darkened room and starts licking Peter's ear... turns out that Gregory is bisexual and attracted to both of them. They walk out on him and return home wearing the robes. [nice finale.]
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