Thursday, August 18, 2011

State of Georgia Wraps Up...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

State of Georgia
"It's Not Easy being Green" (S01E11):  Georgia is allergic to tomatoes, so of course she bites into one when a boy tempts her. [and then we don't see her actually break into hives or anything.] Yet another joke about how Aunt Honey only ingests alcohol, though she does want eggs. [a $7 tomato?!?] The girls like the guys who are selling the fruit and they all set up a double date. [and I'm just sitting here shaking my head already...] This is the first double-date the girls have ever been on. [at first I thought that was very strange. And then I realized that I don't do a lot of double dates with my best friend, either.] Honey has made ostrich eggnog. [not sure how regular eggs factor into that, but hey...] The girls go with the guys to an organic restaurant and the guys think it's great that Georgia and Jo are into sustainable lifestyles. [well this ain't gonna last.] The girls start planting some of their own herbs and stuff. [what happened to Honey's "no plants" rule?? because this is SO in direct contrast with that...] Honey isn't familiar with a goat, calling it a "weird dog." [hahahaha!] They bought a goat to milk... turns out, they bought a male goat! [hahaha!] Jo and Georgia are both sneaking artificial food in a closet. [Cinnamon Cheddar Bagel Chips... I can't understand how that would be so delicious...] The girls decide that they need to break it off with the guys so they head down to the community garden area, but the guys confess their love and the girls' plan falls apart. [love? really? no.] They have the guys over for dinner, and Jo feels bad so she reciprocates the "I love you" to Amos. [yeah, Amos. the other guy is Jed. believe it.] Jo wants to let Amos down gently, but Georgia wants to drop Jed like a hot potato... but the girls are in it together. Honey makes a joke about the Clintons' marriage. [really? It's 2011.] The girls go to the garden and see some dry soil, so Georgia decides they should water it. Turns out, the watering killed the saffron's micro-climate. Which, of course, the guys had just signed a contract to sell. Turns out, Rick and Steve were using fake names to sound more farmer-y, and they do care about money. And, as one might guess, both girls forgot to get rid of the goat when they turned the condo back to normal. [another really boring and wasting-my-time episode. it's no wonder this show hasn't gotten renewed...]

State of Georgia "Locked Up, A Broad" (S01E12): [again with the tees over plaids on Jo...] Georgia wants to borrow a specific designer dress of Honey's, but Honey won't let her. [I actually really liked the dress and accessories Georgia put on instead.] It's only minutes before Georgia drags Jo down into the storage room, where they find things like a box marked Harry Potter 8, a list of future Kentucky Derby winners, and a jetpack. [that is one of the redeeming qualities about this show - they make Honey out to be so mysterious and all over the place it's fascinating.] Honey has two screening rooms and a petting zoo as well. [and I thought the indoor koi pond was ridiculous...] Georgia soon finds and puts on the dress [which is such a nice fit, strangely. My aunts and I are different sizes, LoL]... and promptly gets it stuck on a desk chair. Jo tries to untangle her, but her hair gets stuck, too. Honey and Jules (who has now moved beyond financial adviser to errand boy...) see Georgia and Jo all tangled up via security camera feed. Jo calls the physics guys for help. [hahaha. but I guess maybe they're her only choice?] The goat is still around, eating popcorn. Louis frees Jo by cutting her hair with a sword. When Georgia and Jo admit that they took Honey's invitation to President Obama's birthday party, Honey locks them in. So, Jo calls another physics guy for help. While they wait, they try to film Georgia's audition on a phone. The guys aren't working on getting them out, they made a replica of the dress and got that one stuck, too. [I'm over the physics guys.] Honey recorded Georgia acting like a fool and turned in the audition - of Georgia's speech at the end where she talks about being unable to stay away from shiny things (just like a jewel thief), etc. [well, if this show makes a return, I'm giving it one more episode, since sometimes things change a lot in the second season. but otherwise I'm giving it up.] 
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