Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burn Notice- An Eye for an Eye...

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Burn Notice

[New format this week, hopefully 'ironing out' the stories is more enjoyable..]

This episode opens with Michael worried about leads going cold, fast. Sam, Michael, and Fiona get ready to take a 'few-hour' road trip from Miami to Tallahassee [apparently the writers didn't break out a map for this one... that's an 8-hour drive, 7 if you've got over 500 horsepower] to visit the bomb maker that made the bomb 2 episodes ago to take care of the fake Michael. Fiona is a bit mad that Michael and Sam won't be back for a dinner reservation... well, dinner plans.

Sam and Michael stake out the bomb-maker's business, as Sam scarfs down junk food since he's not around his lady friend. They head in to pitch a fake story to Lucien, the 'clock-maker.' Michael gives a lesson on how the older war criminals are, the nastier they must be... right before they narrowly miss being electrocuted by a metal grate built into the floor.

Moving into interrogation mode, Michael and Sam sit down with Lucien for days, getting nothing but useless, made-up stories. Fiona drives up to help [she knows how far it is since she complains about the length of the drive...] go through Lucien's apartment. She doesn't stick around, but heads to help out Jesse on a home security job.

Back in interrogation [a pretty mild one, probably since the guy's old], Michael shows Lucien items from his places and gets a lead on a charity race in Atlanta. He heads off to track that down, as Sam doesn't seem to want to go anywhere... Drawing parallels to Aikido, Michael explains how to break adversaries. He springs information about Lucien's daughter on him, threatens to have her deported, and then asks him about the bomb. He spills information about his buyer and where to meet him in Orlando. Sam and Michael immediately head out... and meet Fiona outside. Sam tries to get out of going to Orlando (it's his turn), but can't since Fiona and Jesse need Michael's help. In Orlando, Sam finds that the name Lucien gave them has quit his current job. They theorize that he took off when they grabbed Lucien. Michael doubles his efforts to force Lucien to think of another way to get in touch with his boss.

Finally, Lucien reveals that the tip he gave them earlier was a distress signal to his friend. Said friend shows up, guns-a-blazing, and takes out Lucien. As he dies, Michael convinces Lucien to tell him where they can find the guy shooting at them, which they'll hit... next episode.

Story Line #2...

Playing the role of personal security, Jesse and Fi head over to a victim's house, a red-headed woman and a husband who have blown $200K on an alarm system. They offer to troubleshoot the system and stick around in case anyone shows up. [Seems like a cake job...] They stake out the plush guest living room, waiting for intruders. The husband (James) seems to be getting on Fiona's nerves for having contempt for his wife. An alarm goes off and Jesse and Fi head into the house while James calls the cops. In the upstairs office they find the husband's former business partner, Dan Tesman, who escaped from a South American prison. Dan says enough to indicate that James has stolen everything from him, including his wife. Fiona decides to help him escape, despite Jesse's protests. Jesse lies to cover as the two get away out a window.

At the loft, Fiona has checked out Dan's story and confirmed every bit. Turns out, Dan broke in to James' house to look for information to get into his company to steal back his gene sequence. Fiona now wants to break in to help Dan, and basically cons Jesse into doing it, as it means James will hire more security... so Dan becomes the client.

At James' office (HLX), Jesse tries to insert himself into the center of all things security, but gets solidly rejected and put on travel detail for the time being. Jesse proves his security prowess by pointing out a secure hole in maintenance personal. This provides enough of a distraction to sneak Michael into the building. He jumps James after he gets into his car in the parking garage. Acting like a psycho out for revenge, Michael blows up a few nearby cars to scare the living hell out of James. He claims he wants James to suffer and promises to be back. Michael leaves and security comes running up, most of whom are promptly fired. Jesse calls and is immediately put in charge of everything... [how convenient.]

Back at the loft, Dan, Michael, and Fiona discuss how they will get the gene sequence. Dan reveals he still cares about his former wife, as Jesse is doing recon to determine how to get the safe-cracking equipment they will need inside the building. James is still letting Jesse call all the security shots, including the installation of 'embassy-grade' glass in his office. So, Jesse builds an 'infinity illusion' box to smuggle Michael into the office. He and Sam make noise doing the 'window installation' as Michael works on the safe. But, Michael is soon spotted by a new security camera. Sam tips off Mike, and he starts trashing the lab, making it look like his psycho character isn't after anything more than what he promised James earlier. He wires the head of security with C4 and holds him hostage to get to the door and escape.

Jesse and Fiona head in the next day to get the low-down on the new layout, but discover that James is moving the formula offsite to the 'most secure vaults in south Florida' via armored truck. The foursome decide to create a roadblock to slow down the convoy, continuing to scare James to death. Jesse is riding with James, so Sam, Michael, and Dan setup a burning chemical truck for a good 4-hour road block.

As James' convoy gets underway, Jesse continues to dog on the head of security when they come up on the roadblock. Jesse pretends to find a bug in the lead car, and sends the security team to sweep the other cars. Jesse convinces James to get the information out of the safe and leave with him in a different car. Jesse takes him straight to Michael and Dan, who are waiting with guns drawn. James tries to buy off Dan, claiming that he 'saved' him from his wife. Fiona and the wife walk up in time for her to hear, putting James solidly out on the curb.
Photo: Virginia Sherwood/USA Network
At the wrap-up bar meetup, Fiona and Michael have a heart-to-heart...

New Spy Lessons:
  • In interrogation, it often helps to let the subject watch you go through the details of his life right in front him.  
  • The morning after a failed operation, you have two choices: lick your wounds, or reengage immediately.
In short:  Progress! Got an address for the killer, and Fiona turns Jesse's security job into volunteer work, but it's the right thing to do...

Predictions:  Frustration for Michael before any answers...
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