Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Gosselin Road Trip Continues

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Kate Plus Eight "RV Breakdown" (S02E16): Now in Wyoming, it's Day 8 (of 14). The plan is to head to Utah, but one of the RVs starts smoking pretty badly. It overheats and they end up needing a tow truck, plus another vehicle for the group that was traveling in that RV. Kate isn't clear in her explanation of what needs to happen, so Jamie and Ashley do things "wrong." [oh, by the way, that's the theme of this episode - everyone does things in a way that Kate feels is incorrect.]

They make it to Price Canyon, UT on Day 11 They've gotten a new RV to replace the one that broke down. Some of the swimsuits went missing, and Kate blames Jamie. They find them, though, so it's not actually THAT big of a deal. They get to the Moab Rafting and Canoe Company, but white water rafting does not end up like Kate hopes. The guide tells everyone how to relieve themselves if need be, but Kate objects, not wanting the kids to get into the water. [of course she thinks that's gross. you know, because it slightly is...] When loading the boat, Kate freaks out because she doesn't want to get wet AT ALL. ['re kidding, right? You get a little wet if you're on the water... done deal.] They start to see some waves and bob a bit, but Kate doesn't want her boat to get into that section, and she requests that they just get near it. She's upset that they had to enter a small part of it, and claims that the guide lied to her. The guide offers to let everyone get out and swim a bit, and the bulk of the group takes advantage of the opportunity. In the end, Kate found the entire experience too scary.

On day 12, the kids are talking about how boring Kate's RV is. The clue for the next location is a little trench with some water in it - The Grand Canyon. It seems that Jamie gave away the location in advance yet again, which angers Kate. After just 20 minutes of driving, the older RV is having trouble again. This time, the generator stopped working - they think it overheated. Since there won't be air conditioning while they drive, they open the windows. They get to Tusayan, AZ, where the campground doesn't appear to have grills. Jamie and Ashley just want to order pizza, but Kate wants to marinate some chicken and grill. By 8:45pm [when there's still plenty of light, by the way] they purchase some small propane grills and one of the production assistants puts them together. Steve agrees with the pizza idea, which really makes Kate mad. There's apparently a TON of chicken that could go bad, and the waste is bothering Kate. [I would also be angry that "$100 of chicken" would get thrown out, but I doubt that the chicken is on the verge of spoiling.] Additionally, someone random took a photo of Kate, and she's pissed that "nothing was done about it." [we know that they do get pizza because there are leftovers the next day.]

At Grand Canyon National Park on Day 13, Cara and Mady complain and they have to wait in the RV with Ashley instead of see the Grand Canyon. [I don't know that I could punish my child in such a way when you're at a natural wonder like that. You're all the way out there, let her see the canyon and punish her later...] Kate makes a [stupid] comment about the Grand Canyon spanning 10,000 miles. One of the RVs is broken down again. Kate also still refers to the younger six as preschoolers... even though they're 7 by now. Kate's upset that Jamie and Ashley let some of the kids have pizza before lunchtime. Then, after she makes them hand over a slice of pizza for Steve, she's upset that Mady just hands it over, not wrapped in foil or on a plate or anything. [you know, because Kate has something against eating ANYTHING that a child's hand touches.] Kate then rants about how bad Jamie and Ashley have been this trip. Ashley asks the production team to send her home, and she tells Kate privately. She hugs the kids goodbye on camera and there's a lot of tears. [well, yeah. Ashley has been a babysitter of sorts for those kids for four or five YEARS now.] Kate admits that most people can't take her, and it is how it is. [I think that really put the nail in the coffin. She's right - she is VERY hard to handle. It's no wonder Jon just couldn't put up with her anymore.]

Stay tuned - next week is the final episode.
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