Thursday, September 22, 2011

Burn Notice - Summer Finale: Dead to Rights

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Burn Notice (S05E12)

In short: Michael escapes prison to be caught in a much scarier place than he thought possible. Anson who?

Recaps & Remarks: After a quick recap of the Max storyline and Michael's frame-up, Sam and Jesse speed off, not knowing that Pearce had tracked the fake trail back to Mike and arrested him. They have the real killer, Tavian, trapped on an island, but need to get Michael there, too. Speeding off in Fi's car to stop the armed convey carrying Michael, they stop them and Pearce angrily agrees to let Michael try to meet the killer.

On the island, Pearce agrees to let Michael go in unarmed to talk to Tavian [what a girl...]. Fiona shows up, having been arrested for helping Michael. He heads in and chats with Tavian, getting him to admit to Max's murder. Tavian's not happy about this, and unexpectedly kills himself. [In a shooting screw up, cars go by on the street... the 'island' was supposed to be empty and cut off...]

After Michael's debrief/release, Pearce is still mad that Michael hid his involvement. His mom shows up and gives him a lecture on endangering everyone with his antics. Michael heads home, tired enough to miss Larry, Michael's psycho ex-partner who did very bad things in the past. He shows Michael his kidnappee, Anson, who is supposed to help him break into the British Consulate. After talking over some yogurt, Larry reveals he's strapped a bomb to Anson's wife in exchange for help getting into the building under a ruse of a psychological emergency.

photo: Quantrell D. Colbert/USA Network
Michael gives Anson a way to escape, as he and Larry head inside the Consulate. [They foreshadow one of the really shocking statements at the end of the episode with Larry saying, "Daddy is in one of those moods."] Larry seems to be on a short fuse as they enter the building under the ruse of new CDC personnel. In the meantime, Anson apparently escapes and shows up at Sam's lady-friend's hotel. As soon as he says the name 'Larry,' Sam calls Fiona and sounds the alarm.

Inside, Larry keeps holding Anson's wife over Michael's head to keep him cooperative. He sets off an alarm signalling a leak, and they head down to con the guards into locking down the building. Sam sends Jesse to convince Michael's mom to head out of town, and then meets Fiona at Anson's house to find the bomb exploded and someone dead. Anson grieves pretty heavily.

Sam and Fi try to reason why Larry would kill Anson's wife early. Anson insists on coming along and helping them figure out what Larry's up to. Back at the consulate, Michael cuts into the massive ventilation system to get access to the next floor up. Fi can't bluff her way in past the guards, so they decide to blow their way in the back door. After setting things up, Fi gets a call from Larry, who is apparently watching them on camera. Larry threatens to kill Michael if they get anywhere close to them. Sam doesn't believe it, but Anson chimes in and claims he's going to kill Michael either way.

Larry reveals they are there to plant a file and make some money. He also claims that Michael 'deserves' to be burned. They make their way to the vault where Larry is making Michael plant the file. While inside the exterior room of the vault, out of sight of the camera Larry's watching, Michael calls out on a fax line to Fi's cell phone. She tells him Anson's wife is dead, and Michael tell her to back off. She lies and acts like Michael has given them a way in, bluffing Sam. They set to work making a bomb from 'the good stuff' on the side of the building.

Michael places the file in the vault as Fiona tries shooting at Larry through the bullet-proof glass. Larry tells her to go home, and then she blows the bomb on the side of the building. All hell breaks loose, as two more bombs go off in a different area. Michael emerges from the burning office building, and reveals that Larry and both security guards are dead.

Back at the loft, Michael and Fiona are trying to reason why Larry would plant bombs in the lobby. Fiona's taking it personally. Anson comes in the front door and reveals he recorded Fiona's confession about triggering the bomb. He claims that if they try anything, someone will send evidence to the authorities, showing they committed the bombing. He reveals that the bomb on his 'wife' was a set-up and that he tricked Larry into the entire thing. After Michael grabs him, Anson reveals he's the last one that Michael's been missing in the organization that burned him from the beginning.

The next day, Pearce reveals that Michael's in good standing with the CIA and she's become his agency contact from here forward. On the beach, Anson shows up and explains that he was one of the founders of the organization that wanted to use burned spies to carry out operations that agencies couldn't do. He claims that he interviewed Michael's mom during a therapy session he highjacked 5 years ago [hm... we're in season 5 right?] to determine if they wanted Michael. Anson says Michael should be upset with his father and insinuates that he, too, gave them information before he passed away. Anson leaves them with the ominous phrase "Enjoy the sunset. It'll be getting dark soon." 

Best Line of the Episode:  None. This episode was all drama.

Predictions:  We all end up hating Anson with a very fiery passion before this season ends...
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