Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goodbye Charlie Harper... Hello Walden Schmidt!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Although we've mentioned Two and a Half Men here and there on this site, we have not recapped individual episodes before. With the changes that took place since last season, I not only caught up on all of the previous episodes, but look forward to the future of the show. I realize that many people have dumped this show in the post-Sheen era, but I am embracing it... LOVE the first one, what about you?

Two and a Half Men "Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt" (S09E01): [Strange rendition of "Men, Men, Men" as the funeral began...] As Alan begins a eulogy for Charlie, many of the women in the room say negative (and random) things about Charlie. [I loved the loved a set of Charlie's clothes hanging behind Alan.] Turns out, Charlie died in Paris. Rose tells the story of how she and Charlie got engaged, but she caught him taking a shower with another woman. The next day, he "fell from a metro platform into the path of an oncoming train." [did she push him? I'm going with yes. Oh, and for those who didn't believe this would be how they killed off Charlie when I posted it six weeks ago, shame on you.]

Back at Alan's house (Charlie left it to him), Evelyn is pushing to sell, as there is virtually no money in Charlie's estate otherwise, and he has three mortgages. [three?!?! crazy! oh, and I always got upset that the few episodes in the past where Charlie is having trouble financially are always tied up quickly and not carried over... guess they needed to after all!] Alan, of course, can't afford the mortgage or the property taxes. He asks Evelyn for financial help, but she just suggests that he move in with her. A few people come by to look at the house, including a guy (played by John Stamos) who won't buy it because he remembers having a drunken sexual night with Charlie there. [hilarious!]

Later, the ashes arrive, and Charlie had wanted Pamela Anderson to swallow the ashes. Obviously this isn't really do-able, so Alan wants to spread the ashes on the beach. Just as he's about to head out there, he sees a guy staring in, which freaks him out and he spills the ashes on the living room floor. The guy, later identified as Walden Schmidt (and played by Ashton Kutcher) wants to use the phone... turns out, he was going to try to drown himself, but the water was too cold. [I'm liking the character already!] It becomes clear that Walden's heart has been broken, and the fact that he's worth more than a billion dollars isn't enough to make him happy. Alan immediately latches onto the money fact and offers to take Walden out for a drink. [haha, Alan's about to have a sugar daddy...] A couple of Microsoft Zune jokes later, the two are bonding over women troubles, then pick up some girls and bring them back to the beach house. [CBS had some really strange jokes all night...] Both ladies are after Walden though, who has no issues with waltzing around naked. [which is hilarious!] Since he had a good night and likes the house, Walden decides to buy it... just as Judith and Jake walk in. [obviously it's to-be-continues, but I think there's some great stuff coming!] 
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