Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HIMYM is Back... and so are Nora and Victoria...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

For years, How I Met Your Mother has been near the top of my "favorite shows" list. While many balk at the fact that we're not getting all that much closer to finding out who the "mother" is, I don't mind. I'm of the camp who believes that, once we've answered the question proposed by the title, the show is more or less over. And we know that the end isn't that far away... Jason Segel, in particular, doesn't want to do this show forever. I think that this season will be great. And, I think, it's off to a great start with the first two episodes.

How I Met Your Mother "The Best Man" (S07E01): Right off the bat, we've got another tidbit of wisdom from OldTed: "timing is everything." This episode starts and ends with scenes from Barney's wedding day (still in the future), but focuses mainly on Punchy's wedding day as a flashback, though it's happening now, September 2011. Ted, as Punchy's best man, is preparing his toast. We get a rundown of Ted's bad speeches in the past... Punchy has made a video of them and put it online, where it even has a cult following in Finland. [these are the random jokes that make this show amazing, I swear!] Barney tells the gang that he hasn't called Nora (he's really called her like 5 times).
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At the wedding, Barney is out and about trying various test-market strategies... inventor of Facebook, vampire, Guinness world record holder, doctor of infectious disease, etc. [Hated the bride's dress, by the way!] Then we have some flashbacks of dumb scenes with Robin using her fake-truth voice... showing how Lily realizes that Robin still feels for Barney. [this is getting too Ross-and-Rachel for me...] Meanwhile, Just when things are calming down, Barney and Robin hit the dance floor with some awesome moves. Having Robin feed Barney lines about wanting to try it again with Nora was heart-wrenching. Afterward, Robin and Ted re-establish their "if we're single at 40" pact, as he's beginning to believe that there's not someone out there destined for him.

While all of this is going on, Lily and Marshall want to keep their pregnancy a secret for now (even though the bartender picks up on it right away). [we know it's September, we know Lily is freshly impregnated... so I guess last season was the end of summer. got it.] In order to keep a low profile, Lily is passing off her shots to Marshall at the wedding. After holding a baby, Marshall and Lily decide to share their good news (Lily almost let it slip to Robin earlier but covered it up), and there are hugs all around.

Ted's toast gets boo'd, so Marshall takes over. But he mentions Lily's pregnancy without saying her name, causing the bride to think he was talking about her (surprise! she's pregnant, too!)... which quickly causes a giant issue to erupt amongst the family members in the ballroom. [haha!]

The episode ends back at Barney's wedding, where he's struggling to know if he made the right choice in his bride. [Was NOT a fan of Lily's pink dress!]

Best Part: Ted jokes about all of Barney's percentages of success are really the inverse - i.e. 87% is really 13%.
Worst Part: Barney makes two fat jokes before the intro credits even run.
Future Stories: The ducky tie. 

How I Met Your Mother "The Naked Truth" (S07E02): It's the day after Punchy's wedding. There are really three stories going on, so I'll break them down as such.

Marshall is hung over (which should come as no surprise since he was drinking for two). He decides that he'll never get drunk again, since he wants his future child to look up to him. [admirable.] Then, he gets a call from an environmental law agency, and they're about to run a background check on him, then he'll be hired. [The bossmakes horrible jokes.] There's a video of Marshall streaking on the internet, so he's paranoid that it will keep him from getting the job. Marshall goes to Pete, the uploader of the video clip, to get him to remove the video, but he's busy playing Edward Fortyhands. [what??!?] The guy ends up getting Marshall to do another dumb internet video, so Lily calls him to try to force him into taking down the video. Marshall gets a call that his background check went fine, even though the boss saw the "Beercules" video(s). [guess it's good he has a strange sense of humor?]

Meanwhile, Barney is coming up with a good sob story for Nora. [you know, since he doesn't know how to be honest.] Rather than crutches, he goes with a neck brace, but when they meet for coffee, Nora sees through it immediately. Barney starts to be honest with her, but she asks him to tell her the lies that he has used to get girls to sleep with him. [yikes. I can't see this going well...] Barney gives Nora a sampling of the lies. [the "moonsnake" one made me laugh!] Nora eventually starts to go, there's a cute line, and then Barney tells Nora that he's going to stay in the diner until she'll agree to go on another date with him. Nine hours later, the gang is somehow at the diner, not knowing that Barney is there. [is this a new hangout spot? Why were they there??]

Ted's picture is still on the cover of a current magazine, so he goes by newsstands hoping to be noticed. He meets 16 people this way, and gets two phone numbers. Ted goes for coffee with Jessica, an academic and concert pianist. Then, coffee with Claire, who paid. He's planning to date both. But, he almost immediately needs to pick one for a gala date, so he does a pro/con list, that evolves into a 50/50, a color chart, etc. [I didn't realize Ted was such a skinflint, I guess...] In the end, Ted takes Robin to the gala.... but he sees Victoria (the pastry chef) there. [not sure if I'm happy with where this is going to go...]

Best Part: When Nora gets up to leave the diner, Barney asks for a second date. Nora asks what makes him think she'll do that. He says "because you stayed all night." She listened to his crazy antics for apparently hours, not leaving after the first few disgusting stories.
Worst Part: I have another continuity gripe. Somehow Marshall is 33 now. This is season 7. He wasn't done with law school when the show began. Many students in America finish law school at 25. We've always been under the impression that Marshall started law school right out of undergrad, so how is he over 31??
Future Stories: Marshall in a casino while Barney's on the phone. [should be a good one.]
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it could be Marshall doing another course and switching to Law afterwards? That happens often