Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NEW SHOW: 2 Broke Girls

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is the first of the ten pilots I'm planning to cover this Fall. So far? The premise is awesome. Two girls want to open a cupcake shop, but need $250,000 to do so. The business-minded girl from Manhattan comes up with a plan: they both work two jobs, make $2,000 a week, and in just over a year, they'll be set. The baker/street-smart girl from Brooklyn doesn't have anything to lose, so why not? The first episode sets up a lot (you know, because they have to), so if you missed it, here's a recap and some remarks about it.

Two Broke Girls "Pilot" (S01E01): This episode takes place over three days, so let's look at it like that.

Day 1: We're in a diner in Brooklyn, and waitress Max puts some customers in their place. We then meet her boss, who is going by the name "Bryce Lee." [haha.] Newbie Caroline appears, upset about the disgusting uniform she was given. [couldn't it have been washed? I mean, really!] Max demands that Bryce (who has an immigration exam coming up... I foresee this being a future storyline) force Caroline to wear the uniform, and then begins training her. We get some background on the establishment... eight months earlier, the restaurant was owned by the Russian mafia. [oooook...] Caroline doesn't know how to "marry the ketchups" and puts them in pairs. [it was pretty funny. But what was with the Temple Grandin joke??] Clearly, Caroline has no waitressing experience (she claimed that she did on her resume). Turns out, her dad was a billionaire but the family's assets are frozen because of a scandal. [don't worry, this won't ever be mistaken for a 90s or early 00s comedy, not with the ColdPlay and "2300 on my SATs" comments.] In a minor moment, we learn that Max bakes cupcakes. In a major moment, we learn that Caroline has been selling the cupcakes for $7 each, since that's what they go for in Manhattan. [and I whine at the $3.00 cupcakes in Palo Alto!] It's clear that Caroline has some business sense, but also a tendency to embezzle... As they close, we find out that Max lives a few blocks from the diner, with a guy who has a band. Caroline says that she is staying with a friend (though we later learn that none of her Upper West Side friends will speak to her).

Day 2: In the morning, Max finds Caroline on the subway... and after recovering from being tased, Max brings Caroline to her apartment until the afternoon when they can go to work together. [glad that Caroline only has a carry-on of belongings and that a PINK taser is among the items. haha.] In the mornings, Max nannies in Manhattan. The babies are Brad and Angelina, and it doesn't seem that their mother has the slightest clue. Even the wallpaper is Louis Vuitton. [and rather hideous, might I add!] Robbie, Max's boyfriend, wakes up and immediately hits on Caroline, who doesn't put up with his shenanigans. [I'm impressed. Caroline kinda seemed like a girl who wouldn't really mind flirting with a guy, even if he was attached to someone she knows] But when it comes up at the diner, Max gets upset, thinking Caroline enticed Robbie. Max leaves the diner, only to find Robbie with another girl, so she kicks him out. [gotta love writing off a character immediately!] Then she returns to the diner, apologizes, and invites Caroline to move in.

Day 3: The girls go and take her horse back, riding it the whole way. [the backyard is mighty small... anyone want to wager on how long the horse will last?] Caroline decides that they need to open a cupcake shop, and they need $250,000 to do so (she went to Wharton Business School, after all). If they both work two jobs and make $2,000 a week, they can open one in just over a year. The total so far? $387.25. [well, here we go! Let's see how the show does once everything is set-up...]

My favorite part? The idea that we're going to be counting up to $250,000.00 for a long time.
My least favorite part? The sex jokes. They were coming one per minute at the beginning! Part of that is Oleg, the cook, whom I didn't mention since he has not yet added anything to the plot.
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