Monday, September 26, 2011

Homer is Kidnapped Again... AND The Fate of Nedna...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When the season finale aired last May, I voted "no" to the Ned-Edna relationship, but apparently I was overruled. Well, at least I think so. ComicBookGuy mentions the voting process at the very beginning of the episode, but doesn't reveal the outcome. The closing moments of the episode look at Ned and Edna together, with Skinner and his mother also appearing. It isn't 100% clear, but from both what is said and another scene present in the episode, it looks like the Nedna is together, at least for now. I know this is creeping me out, what about you? In other news, this episode felt kinda overdone to me. Perhaps it's because Homer has been kidnapped before. Or because of the plays on words that this show often uses whenever there's a gimmick to be had (in this case, "Little Ukraine"), but the only part of this episode I really enjoyed was Marge's one-minute storyline about wanting to compete on Top Chef. Here's hoping for a strong season after a weak opener?

Simpsons "The Falcon and the D'Ohman" (S23E01): After the aforementioned ComicBookGuy scene, we start off with Homer going into work, only he's late, slightly drunk, and melodic, which makes for an entertaining start. He's soon greeted (not really) by a new security guard (Wayne), who doesn't want to be friends with Homer. [haha on the Black Panther raised fist.] Marge imagines herself on Top Chef, which is her third-favorite cooking show. [so... will we find out what #1 and #2 are later in the season? Or has this been revealed previously and I don't remember?] The kids don't appreciate her snack innovations. [they're kids. I wouldn't expect them to. LoL.]
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Homer constantly tries to buddy-up to Wayne, and eventually gets him to agree to one beer at Moe's. When the bar is being held up, the new guy saves everyone. [what's with Lenny's medals?] and a fresco on the ceiling of a bar?? and, ew, brine on tap?] Homer brings Wayne home for dinner, and Marge makes a joke about how someone saves Homer's life about once a week. [I thought that was funny. But I didn't care for the animated-CGI scene that shortly followed.]

Wayne keeps having flashbacks to torture training, memory-wiping, etc. and ends up injuring Mr. Burns, which gets him fired. Homer offers up his house to the guy, and jokes about how he has flash-forwards to the end days. While at the Simpson abode, however, Wayne has nightmares where he shouts loudly, and we see various folks across town (including a bedded Ned and Edna!) shocked/terrified/concerned. Wayne also teaches Bart and Lisa some small violent tactics, and Marge some driving tricks. [haha "your city is not found on any maps or charts." that was a great one!] Of course, some bad guys from Ukraine are after Wayne, so they kidnap and hurt Homer. [Of course, Springfield has a "Little Ukraine" hahaha.] Wayne has no trouble locating Homer and builds a flamethrower to rescue him. You know, since Homer is lodged under the ice skating rink with only a straw to receive air. [I had numerous logistical issues with this entrapment, but whatever. It's The Simpsons.] The episode begins wrapping up with Maggie rattling something in code to Wayne, and he tells her to stay by her busybox for future instructions. [creepy!] Wayne ends up working at the DMV.
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