Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quick Q&A with The Lying Game's Blair Redford

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The Lying Game premiered on ABCFamily last month and has been pulling in a fan base thrilled with the intricate storyline. We shared some fun facts about co-star Alexandra Chando shortly after the show premiered, and this time we're going to share some interesting things we learned from Blair Redford, who plays Ethan on the show. Many thanks to him as well as ABCFamily and New Media Strategies. And, without further ado, let's take a look!

Many fans of Blair Redford saw him in the early episodes of another ABCFamily hit, Switched at Birth, where he played Ty, who lived in Daphne and Regina's old neighborhood. He later becomes a boyfriend of sorts to Bay, but leaves to join the armed forces. However, one of Redford's earliest roles was on The Young and the Restless. Redford said that working on the soap was "definitely like a TV boot camp." He describes the differences between working on daytime television and primetime television as "in prime time you are spending almost a week and a half on an episode, and you're on location a lot. With soaps you're pretty much in the studio the entire time doing interiors." I thought it was interesting that Chando was also asked about her previous soap opera experience, and she also learned a lot about "the business" from it.

As with any new show, a big question on everyone's minds regards how the series will attract viewers. Redford had a strong response to this question, believing that the way the story is written will keep the audience tuning in. In short, it's "the cliffhangers they leave every week" that attracts viewers, Redford said. "I think if a person can just be sold on watching one episode then they are going to get hooked from there. Every week when they turn in new scripts to us to look over, I'm just really pleased and blown away at how strong the cliffhangers are, and it makes you want to see the next script immediately." I have to agree with Redford... as annoying as it can be to realize that it's 9:55pm and there's a loose end, I have a tendency to make sure I'm tuned in the following week to see how everything resolves!

When asked about the similarities to himself and his character, Ethan, Redford mentioned that he tries to "merge myself and put myself in the character's shows as much as I can... I'd say just off the page Ethan has a really strong sense to protect his friends, protect those that he's close to and his loved ones. I think I do that as well in life. I'm really quick to stand up for people that are in my circle. I think that's a big part of Ethan's makeup."

And, when a show is so young, people are generally dying to find out anything they can about what's to come. One thing that's really stood out in Redford's memory regarding the shooting of the show so far is Ethan's bike-riding. Redford has had to train on motorcycles and dirt bikes, and a scene he finds particularly memorable is when he's "just cruising through the desert on my bike at night. I pull up to [Emma], it's just one of those scenes, you kill the engine, you hop off your bike, and pull your helmet off and the wind is blowing. It was pretty fun. It felt pretty epic." As someone who hasn't ridden a motorcycle since I was a child with my father, I can imagine that such a scene would stand out to me, too.

The final question that stood out in the interview? What is he planning to do next, of course! Redford said that it's hard to say, as his schedule is so unpredictable at the moment. "I'm really hoping we do well with this show, and if that's the case, I'll be busy through the majority of the year and other seasons with this. That's what I'm hoping for, for now. I really like this characters and I like this show, I like the writing, I like where they're going with it. So, boeyond that, I'd love to fins a nice film to do during my hiatus, whether it's between this and our pick-up or a backorder or if it's between first and second season. I'd love to find a nice film to do in that spare time." I think Blair Redford has great potential as a film actor, particularly in a rom-com or an action flick. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him (and if he'll make any future appearances on Switched at Birth as well!), but for now, I'll certainly settle for his weekly appearance on The Lying Game, airing Mondays at 9pm EDT on ABCFamily!
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