Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Red Arrow Calls For Help

By Christopher Scott

Young Justice “Targets” (S02E01)

Young Justice has returned for round 2! The episode begins with Red Arrow staking out peace negotiations with Rhalasia. (Think Korea when thinking Rhalasia.) The two halves of this country have had some heated exchanges in peace talks and are awaiting a surprise negotiator who is coming to assist in bringing peace. Red Arrow has come to ensure that this special guest arrives safely. He had been tipped off that Cheshire, of the League of Shadows, was there to assassinate him/her. He makes a call to the Young Justice crew for access to their computer netw

orks. After reaching Aqualad, the two banter back and forth about how Red Arrow should just join their group, but he declines as usual (even though he wants to use all of their stuff apparently).

Just as the limousine pulls up, Arrow finds his target and Cheshire finds hers. An RPG is shot at the vehicle and deflected by Arrow. The two fight briefly, she is caught, and the rescued negotiator turns out to be Lex Luthor (dun, dun, duuuun).

Arrow approaches the billionaire wanting answers. Was the hit on Lex? Or on the peace negotiations themselves? Lex replies that it is really Arrow’s job to find out that part, and leaves him to his work. It is clear that Red Arrow is disheartened that he even saved the man in the first place. If only…

Anyway, back at Mount Justice, Miss Martian and Superboy have been asked to enroll in the local school to better familiarize themselves with Earth customs and such. It will make for better reconnaissance if they understand more of the world around them. Miss Martian becomes Megan Jones and Superboy is now Conner Kent. There are a few goofy scenes as they try to fit in at school, but nothing of importance takes place with these two. Also of note, Robin, Artemis, and Kid Flash are MIA from the entire episode. I was looking forward to seeing Robin in action at least.

The story now returns to Red Arrow, as he is speaking with Cheshire behind bars. She gives him little to none of the information he is looking for, but instead opens a whole new can of worms as she is broken out of prison by Sportsmaster (by the way, what a terrible villain. You can make him strong, fast, and give him all of the gadgets in the world, but he is still just a loser ex-PE Coach to me). Arrow tries to chase the two of them down, but it is no use. Thankfully, he fires off a beacon that he can use to track their escape chopper before losing them completely.

After hunting his prey throughout the city, he comes across the complex being used by the League of Shadows. There is Sportsmaster. There is Cheshire. And now, yet another villain joins the show for the first time, Raz al Ghul. Things just stepped up a level in complexity. Red Arrow is spotted and narrowly escapes them all, immediately calling for backup from Aqualad. Happy to get some airtime this episode, he accepts.

The final showdown takes place in a grand meeting hall. Lex is trying to bring both sides together using a tea ceremony native to both cultures. The woman serving the tea is recognized as Cheshire by Aqualad and it is ON. She throws the cart of tea towards the negotiators and public figures just as Aqualad summons all of the water from everyone’s drink using the power of his Water Bearers. The water pools itself upward, creating a massive shield of water just as the tea cart explodes tremendously. It blows out all of the windows and a huge hole in the side of the building, but leaves all of the people unharmed behind the watery dome. The water falls to the ground and Aqualad and Red Arrow jump into action. Sportsmaster also joins the rumble coming in via a helicopter full of henchmen. The bodyguards from both countries take on henchmen, and the heroes take on the villains. In the end, evil is thwarted and Lex’s cyborg liaison stops the final attacker, causing both of the Rhalasian countries to sign the peace documents and thank him profusely. Arrow and Aqualad take it in stride and depart.

Arrow has gained a new respect for his compatriots and pledges allegiance to the cause. He will still stay solo, but he can be counted on (it reminds me of Batman in Justice League). Also, Lex and Raz al Ghul seem to have been in cahoots the whole time, working for The Light. No surprise there as every episode so far seems to end with some sort of Light twist. I just wonder when they will expose The Light and finally have something to focus on. Who knows?

A good return to the series, though I will admit I miss the MIA characters. Is there a villain or hero you’re waiting to see? Comment below!

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