Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Teen Mom Season 3 Finale

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen Mom wraps up this week. We've now seen a lot of the four mothers and their children, since the babies were born in late 2008 and early 2009. I continue to play favorites, and wonder who out there can stand Amber's drama or Farrah's tears. The show is filming new episodes, and the fourth season is scheduled to begin airing on January 5th. We still do not know when the second season of Teen Mom 2 will air or if there will be a fourth season to 16 and Pregnant.

Teen Mom "Pros and Cons" (S03E12): Since it's Sophia's birthday, at least part of Farrah's episode is in February. It's still cold in Catelynn, Farrah, and Amber's areas, though I imagine it's likely April for Catelynn.

Farrah: They sing the "Happy, Happy Birthday, today's your special day" song for Sophia. [I don't like how Farrah's mom encourages Sophia to scream.] Farrah's mom keeps bringing up unrelated things to Sophia's birthday, like how painful birth was and how you can't do too much with just an Associate's degree. [what's up with that? Your granddaughter is opening presents, pay attention! and why wasn't Farrah's sister at Sophia's birthday?] Farrah goes to talk to a friend about the moving situation, then does a pro/con list. She realizes that it's better that Sophia stay behind, so she tells her mother that she will take her up on her offer. [I'm sick of Farrah crying all time time. I wonder if she needs some medication to balance herself out?] Farrah drives around Sophia, pointing out some places that she used to go to with Derek. 

Maci: She asks her mom to pick up Bentley from Ryan when necessary because she doesn't want to interact with Ryan in person anymore. [even though he is still (and will always be) the father of her child.] Maci texts Ryan's mom about getting together for dinner to talk about the situation, but Ryan calls and intercepts. Maci brings it up to Ryan when she sees him, and he's pissed, later blaming Kyle. The first time the plan is supposed to be in action, Maci's parents are both working so she can't drop Bentley off there, forcing her to meet Ryan at the college. [how many different cars do these kids drive?? I don't remember seeing that yellow Jeep before...] Ryan's dad tells him that maybe he should apologize, and he does. Maci brings up the future to Kyle AGAIN, and she says that she can't wait forever. She's still blaming herself for getting pregnant. [the girl is NINETEEN. God forbid she wait until she's in her 20s to get married, lmao.]

Catelynn: Tyler's dad needs to stay with them for about three months. They worry about him bringing in drugs or legal issues. [I'm so glad they're responsible enough to think of these things!] They also have to deal with the fact that her mom and his dad can't interact. Butch brings his dog, which seems to take them by surprise. [at least it seems to get along with their cat.] Catelynn and Tyler talk to Butch about ground rules for living there. Butch is enrolled in outpatient therapy. It's clear that Butch still isn't okay with the fact that Catelynn and Tyler put Carly up for adoption. [that's a shame. I thought he was coming around back at Christmastime.] Graduation is June 5th, and Catelynn invited her dad. [Catelynn's blousy top with the yellow scarf was a horrid outfit!] However, due to possible family issues, Catelynn and Tyler end up emailing Brandon and Teresa to suggest that it's probably better that they and Carly not attend graduation after all. [sad. I can only partially relate, but it sucks that you have to forgo what you want to happen because your parents suck.] One night, Butch doesn't come home... Catelynn's mom shows up the next day to say that Butch went to prison, but they don't seem to know why. [poor Tyler. one disappointment after another.]

Amber: They're trying to get the no-contact order lifted, but there's an ice storm. [Amber has a lot of makeup on for not going anywhere...] Gary misses Amber. The ice storm ends and they finally go to the courthouse, where they get the no-contact order revised to allow them to talk to one another, but they can't be around each other with Leah nearby, unless they're passing her off. [what's with Amber texting constantly?] Gary calls Amber and plays a song on the guitar for her. [so, um, nothing really happened, except Gary and Amber can now legally talk to one another.]
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