Sunday, October 9, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Caroline Discovers Goodwill

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

2 Broke Girls "And Strokes of Goodwill" (S01E03): Max won't accept the boss's facebook friend request. [haha. dated, but okay.] Caroline, however, accepts and is immediately inundated. [saw that coming!] Caroline has also lost 300 friends since the scandal with her father. [super sad!] Caroline has a pair of $900 shoes, but nothing else.... so Max takes her to Goodwill. It's only a matter of time until Caroline finds a pair of shoes that she donated... they were $800 and are now $8. [omg I want to go to THAT Goodwill! although I did get my most recent kate spade from my local Goodwill, LoL!] Max likes a concert t-shirt and another girl wants it, claiming that she saw it first. So, Max tells her "you turn your back on the rack and you're under attack." [say what?] The girl then takes it from Max's basket when she isn't looking, and buys it.

Later, the girls go to a bar and Caroline spots a friend of the thief. She goes to confront her but the girl pulls her hair. [::shaking my head:: you're kidding me, right?] The next day, Caroline gets her nails done for $70.43, as Max stood her up at the salon. What was Max doing? Well, for starters, she was walking the horse, as she apparently does every morning. [I can't get past this. they need to get rid of the horse.] Max has been putting the horse's droppings in the dumpster so the boss talks to Caroline about it, who's clueless but thankful. Then, of course, the girl with the shirt comes into the diner wearing it... so Max chews her out then Caroline spills borscht on the tee. [I want to know why people like this show so much... it has its ups and downs in my opinion. oh, and it's STILL Caroline's "first week"??]

Total Saved: $500.25. 
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