Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Caroline's Old Home

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

2 Broke Girls "And the Rich People Problems" (S01E04): The boss is considering karaoke for the diner, so Max is pissed. [after all, that might make the workplace a positive environment, which just wouldn't work for her, LoL.] She tries hard to stop it from catching on. Meanwhile, Caroline is noticing that her teeth are shifting because she doesn't have her bite-guard. Caroline and Max go to a dentist... in the subway. Caroline is paranoid about the germs, and Max repeatedly tells her to use the cupcake savings to see a real dentist. But it's not until the receptionist says he'll make the foam mold that Max grabs Caroline and they run out. [...are there really dentist offices in the subway stations??] Caroline realizes that if she could break back into her townhouse, she could get her bite-guard. They make it in through a skylight and Max is incredibly impressed with Caroline's old, very, VERY, large closet. Caroline gets her bite-guard and some toilet paper and is ready to head out... but Max wants a bath. This gives Caroline the idea to pack a few more things, like a pillow. We learn that the horse was Caroline's "first period present." [whoa hey...] We also get some more of Caroline's background... her mom cheated on her dad when Caroline was 5, so she was raised mostly by nannies of sorts. The girls then dance to some music and realize that they should take all of the clothes with price tags on them so they can re-sell them. [not a bad plan!] However, Max goes for the furs, not knowing that they'd be wired. The alarm sounds and they have to move fast, so they wear a ton of stuff onto the subway. [my favorite part was that they were carrying like five purses each...] They take $200 from one of the purses and go to a fancy sushi place that Caroline used to go to with her dad. (Max's first sushi experience was disgusting so Caroline wants to make it up to her.) Caroline's dad calls from prison and talks to both Caroline and Max. Back at the diner, it's open-mic night. [hahahahaha!] But, more problematically, they can't sell anything because it was all inventoried. [oh well...]
Cupcake Fund Total: $543.25
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