Friday, October 14, 2011

Two and a Half Men: Courtney Returns...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Two and a Half Men
"Nine Magic Fingers" (S09E04): [why are we still spending so much time recapping at the beginning of the episodes? this is still a comedy, right?]  Walden asks Alan how the house-hunting is coming, and he claims that not much is available. [the "Alan is going to stay for years" joke is getting old...] Moments later, Alan asks Walden if he can have a girl spend the night, and, after some hesitation, he agrees. Alan goes out to dinner with Lindsay. Walden still isn't over Bridget, so he gets even more upset when Lindsay and Alan get back. [I really, really loved Lindsay's blue dress.] To top that off, Berta also has a man over.  So, he's on the rebound and winds up with Courtney, the con-artist girl who almost married Charlie way back when. [figures. didn't see it coming, tho!] Walden asks her to move in after one night, so he falls pretty hard pretty fast, too. Alan steps in and calls Bridget to get her to help with Walden's stupid decisions. [Alan is really doing a lot for Walden, which is clearly what the writers needs to set-up in order for the two of them to continue to live together...] Bridget confronts Courtney with her past, but she flees as soon as Bridget offers her $50,000. Walden decides that Alan is good for him and offers to let him live there permanently. [ding ding ding!] Oh, and Berta? As much as she loves Malibu, she decides to move home and just commute back for work. [not the greatest episode of all times, and I didn't care much for the title scene. But that's okay, let's move on...]
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