Friday, October 14, 2011

Teen Dads

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This aired a few weeks ago, but I wasn't expecting it so I didn't try to catch it online while I was out of town. Lo and behold, I get home and it's buried way back on my DVR. It wasn't even that interesting, but here are the basics if you're interested.

Teen Mom "Teen Dads Special": Dr. Drew has Ryan, Gary, Tyler, Adam. Jo, and Corey on the show. Adam is only getting Aubrey every other Sunday, so he wants to go to court. Gary doesn't watch Teen Mom, neither does Adam (Teen Mom 2 in his case) because their exes date others on the show(s). Both are asked how they'll talk about sex with their daughters, and Gary says that a big part of it is that he'll be home when his daughter has anyone over. [sounds great now, probably not so much in 14-15 years...] Tyler and Corey are next... Corey is determined not to be a statistic regarding not being there for his kids. Tyler really doesn't think Butch will ever be sober. [...he's probably right.] Tyler wants to give his future children a lot of attention, a lot of love, and a lot of reassurance. [this kid is SO wise beyond his years sometimes!] Next up are Ryan & Jo. Jo and Kailyn have a custody agreement now that he's pretty comfortable with. He's cool with Kailyn's new boyfriend. Ryan also seems to like Kyle now. Neither of them are dating right now. [I don't know that I completely believe that...] Ryan isn't sure he ever wants another kid. [that is kinda interesting... though I guess I've met plenty of people for whom one is enough.]
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