Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Ride that Pony!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The only issue I really take with this episode? How are horses "90s" ??

2 Broke Girls "And the 90s Horse Party" (S01E05): When most of the customers aren't actually ordering, Max and Caroline realize that a flash mob is about to happen... and it does. [very unexpected. though I liked it. :)] Max sprays water at everyone and Earl also stops people. The boss is just trying way too hard to be hip (he even wears some Urban Outfitters clothing).

Back at the apartment, the phone rings and Caroline answers it. Max gets upset because it is a creditor, then pretends to be someone else. Caroline takes the phone and then finds out that Max only pays $5 a week to each creditor, which ain't doin' much. [not smart, Max. not smart.] Caroline begs Max to let her give some financial advice, but ends up being shocked at some of the charges... including a college loan. Turns out, Max was an art major hoping to illustrate children's books. [whoa. didn't see that coming. I think they did that on purpose, though, LoL.] Max makes a joke about how she's on her fifth identity. [ha.]

Caroline's ex-boyfriend comes to the diner and Max goes to the table. They make some crude jokes and won't leave, so Earl moves the clock hands to 2am so they can close. [Earl doesn't do too much on this show, but I love what he does do.]
Then, it's Caroline's first trip to a Laundromat, but they can't stay because the place has been rented for 80s party. [haha on the "lost Winklevoss twin" joke.] VICKI from Small Wonder is supposed to be coming, so Max wants to stay... but it's $75 a pop so they can't. [those crazy cover charges for parties are ridiculous!] This does, however, give Caroline an idea... they should have a party and charge hipsters a lot to ride Chestnut. So, they get Han's permission and host a 90s party. Han makes a punny t-shirt, they sell "9021-oreo cupcakes" [haha] and tamagotchis. ["my wad in his face for a change" was too much.] 

Cupcake Savings Total: $593.25
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