Thursday, October 20, 2011

19 Kids & Counting: Another Visit to the Bates'

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This was a pretty straight-forward episode. The family was traveling back from Atlanta and stopped in Knoxville to visit the Bates family, who are expecting their nineteenth child currently. Between the two families, they have thirteen kids under 10 years old.

19 Kids and Counting "38 Kids & Counting!" (S08E07): [I got goosebumps hearing everyone sing "Amazing Grace."]  For whatever reason, we see the build on the Bates house AGAIN. [haha on JimBob thinking that they could do it in a weekend and it took a YEAR. The Gil Bates vs. Bill Gates things made me laugh, especially when they related it to richness.] The kids rode horses. Nobody leading that horse that Jackson and Johannah were on (helmetless) was a bit reckless. Other kids played foursquare.[ LoL on Jackson just trying to talk but not cutting off Hanny until she was done.] Tori taught a little fiddle - slurring & sliding. JimBob plugged Gil's tree service. [it's so frustrating when he promotes things...] JimBob rode a log being lifted by a crane. [Josie blowing kisses was just about the most adorable thing I've ever seen.]

We also got some background on Zach Bates, who is now courting Sarah Reith. Sarah is one of four children of a Missouri family, and she plays bluegrass banjo. On June 23rd, he brought cheesecake and roses. [It really looks like Zach loves that girl.] They've talked about it and have decided to hold the kissing until the wedding.
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