Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cake Boss: The New Jersey Devil...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This episode had two ideas, but still only one story. Joey teaches the younger bakers how to make spumoni, since it's an older recipe that they haven't been making for a while but they want to bring it back. Buddy does a cake featuring the Jersey Devil for some ghost hunters, who also search Lackawanna for apparitions... finding the spirit of Buddy's father. Yeah, sounds creepy. And it kinda was... even though Buddy didn't seem as convinced as Mary. Anyway, I'd skip this episode if you were on the fence. Though, seeing a picture of the New Jersey Devil cake would be a win.

Cake Boss "S04E31" (Spirits & Spumoni): Mary brings over some Ghost Hunters... aka paranormal investigators. They want a cake to look like the Jersey Devil... head of a horse, tail of a snake, wings of a bat, legs like a goat. Apparently it's been haunting the forest since the 1700s. [yeah, when I lived in PA I heard a lot about the Jersey Devil... but I thought it had the head of a bull for some reason...] Buddy wants to make a girl devil to entice the "real devil" to come out. Ralph begins to feel ill while working on the cake, so Buddy has to finish it. Then, when they go to deliver the devil cake, they find that the wings fell off in the truck... but the ghost hunting club things that "the devil" did it. [eye roll...]

There's also a slight concern that Lackawanna is haunted, so the ghost hunter guys check out the factory as well. They take Sophia, Anthony, Mary, and Buddy around with them and find an electrical field... which they think is the ghost is Buddy's dad. [....ooooook.]

Buddy wants to resurrect some old-school recipes now that they're in Lackawanna, so he's starting with spumoni, which has a fun history. In fact, his dad used to call the other bakers in town to determine the price for spumoni! It's Vanilla & chocolate ice cream, a little sponge cake, and some liquor soaked in. But it's not as easy as that... it's actually a 3-day process, since you have to start with a steam kettle and make a custard mixture as the base of the ice cream. Then you take a piece of liquor-soaked sponge cake and pop it in the ice cream, then you add whipped cream and a cherry... you re-freeze and then add the chocolate ice cream. Lastly, you pop the ice cream hunk out of the form and wrap it in paper. [you know, I always thought spumoni was gross when I saw it in a shoppe, but now I feel like trying it, LoL!] Joey takes the spumoni to the store so the girls can taste it, and now they want all sorts of other old recipes. [hahahaha, should have seen that coming!]

Oh, and one last thing... Joey tells Buddy that he can't leave the fire department, but will only do two days a week there. [but 5 days a week at the bakery... so he'll be working every single day... rough.]
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