Monday, October 24, 2011

HIMYM: Hello Mother, Hello Father...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The main point of this episode? You wind up with someone who is somewhat like one of your parents. We see Lily being like Marshall's dad, Marshall being like Lily's dad, Nora being like Barney's mom, even Robin being like Kevin's mom and a random girl Ted meets seeming like his mom. I particularly liked that it was James, Barney's brother, who brings this to everyone's attention when he announces to the group that he "doesn't like Nora" because she's too much like their mother... the British accent, the way she hugs, she calls him "my sweet boy" and says "special treat." Lily & Marshall's story is the funniest, so let's start there...
How I Met Your Mother "Noretta" (S07E07): Lily can't button her pants anymore and Marshall just can't say anything nice. [well, maybe she should have just kept that fact to herself to begin with...] Marshall designs a board game called Chutes & Lilys, to make Lily feel better, but all of a sudden it makes her think of her father (who is also crazy for board games). After a while, Lily tells Marshall that he's reminding her of her father.... and then Marshall realizes that his dad is like Lily - they both like midnight snacks, food rubs, etc. Soon, Marshall and Lily are both picturing their parents in the bedroom and neither of them can go through with it. [hahaha! and SUPERGROSS.]

Barney thinks it's the night that he'll finally have sex with Nora after two months. [wow. he must be crazy in love with her to go that long! I almost don't believe it!] But, when ice skating, she falls and busts a tooth. [omg how horrific!] Barney brings her to a "24-hour dentist" to "turn things around" and back to his favor. [ahhh! a very fake-looking tooth! eek. :(] But, when they leave, a rat jumps on Nora's head, freaking them both out to the point where they're almost deer-stuck-in-headlights. Nora just wants to go home after that, but Barney keeps trying to turn things around - she takes a bath at his apartment, then they have champagne on his balcony. It's back to being good, but then a jumper passes them on his way down. [really? This just seemed really over-the-top to me...] Barney's bummed that the night "is ruined," but Nora starts singing "Favorite Things," which Barney hears in tandem sung by both Nora and his mother. Barney doesn't consider the "mom thing" to be a deal-breaker though, since he considers his mom to be a great person.

Kevin accidentally sees Ted's genitals, which cause him to spill coffee on himself, so he drops his pants so his leg isn't burning, but Ted didn't realize any of that and gets upset that Kevin wasn't fully clothed. [the weirdest things happen with Ted...] Another night, Kevin and Robin are on a couch date, and Ted interrupts, bothering Kevin but not Robin. Soon, she's giving Ted a backrub and they make plans to see a concert together, which freaks out Kevin. Kevin then sees his mother in Robin. [totally was taken aback by the appearance of Kevin's mother, LoL.]

Ted meets a Weird Al fan at the bar, but she calls him "sweetpea" which his mom calls him, LoL.

And, Ted can't find anyone who likes Weird Al... until he finds a fan at the bar... but she calls him "sweetpea," which is what his mom calls him. [funny Canadian Weird Al joke.]
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