Monday, October 24, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Caroline Gets a Bed

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This episode, by far, had the most sexual jokes and references of the series thus far. There were two in the first two minutes, and the second one was pretty blunt - "little tip." Overall, it was an okay episode... I'm not into romance for this show, so the Johnny scenes were a bit off in my opinion.

Two Broke Girls "And the Disappearing Bed" (S01E06): Earl says that credit cards and Kim Kardashian are the downfalls of America. [haha, that's random.] Caroline gets a crappy tip and complains to Max, who follows the couple out to the street to ask them about it. The guy claims that tipping is optional and his accompanying friend apologizes, saying it was their first (and now last) date.
Back at the apartment, Caroline gets Starbucks and a bear claw for Max so she'll listen. [haha. I love it when you know how to play to your audience!] Caroline pulls out her "vision board," where the immediate item is a nice bed. Caroline just wants to get 9 hours of good sleep and Max suggests she just get "9 good inches." [hahaha!] How to fit another bed? Install a Murphy bed, of course! Caroline has already ordered a DIY Murphy bed, so it's pretty much happening. [haha on having the plan in motion before Max agrees.]

Peach, the woman that Max nannies for, is preparing for the first birthday of her twins. She's having the twins get massages and spray tans. [oh, and apparently she BUYS BREASTMILK for someone! gross!] Caroline wants to cater the desserts for the party, so she has business cards made and tells Max to hand them out. ["Max Black, Owner/Baker." cute.] Max goes to tell Peach about her cupcake business but she gets really tongue-tied and doesn't get it out before Peach leaves. [weird. I didn't expect that Max would have moments like that!]

Max flirts with Johnny, the guy from the bar. Apparently, he's a napkin artist. Caroline asks Max about handing out the card, and when she gives an example of what to say, Max says that it sounds desperate. [to a certain extent and to a certain ear, it does.] Caroline demonstrates by immediately selling four of Earl's saxophone CDs. [that was pretty impressive, though I'm not the biggest fan of making up details in order to make a sale! Boo!]

Caroline is still working on building the bed after a couple days, but it's not working, so she ends up calling Johnny to help. But Max is weirded out about it... she has the napkin art up all over the apartment. [whoa. also didn't expect that. Apparently Max is full of surprises today!] The two of them go around and pull down all of the artwork. Max tells Johnny that he can't help Caroline, as she needs to figure it out for herself. [...why? who cares?] So, Max keeps Johnny company in the backyard with beer while Caroline continues to work on the bed, using Johnny's tools. But the situation gets weird and Johnny ends up leaving, which upsets Max. Caroline is just struggling like crazy with the bed, so eventually Max gives in and helps her.

Peach gets upset that her original dessert person fell through, so Max gives her the card. Peach calls Caroline (saying that she has no idea how she obtained the business card), but hangs up when she mentions she's a start-up company when asked what other events they have done. [I have to admire Caroline's optimism about the whole thing. But I don't see why she didn't make up a few events, just like she made up a history for Earl...]

Cupcakery Fund Total: $423.25 [they lost $170?]
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