Saturday, October 8, 2011

HIMYM: Robin Schemes & Ted Interferes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Although I thought the writing of the episode was delightful, I wasn't thrilled with the overall story. I guess the Ted part just didn't work for me, and Robin's inclusion of the entire Lily-Marshall thing annoyed me. But, even the best show has blah episodes, so let's just move on...

How I Met Your Mother "The Stinson Missile Crisis" (S07E04): Robin is at a therapy session, which was court-mandated because she assaulted a girl who was interested in Barney. Robin fills in the therapist on Barney's relationship with Nora, how she resorted to drinking under her desk, and some of Barney's ongoing schemes (BDSs - Bimbo Delivery Systems) to get girls. [he's examining breasts as a doctor, giving reduction consultations at the bar. He also is a "lawyer," claiming he has a class-action lawsuit against his doctor ego.] While Nora is out of town on business, Robin volunteers to help Barney get rid of the BDSs, though she really just wants to woo him back. [honestly, I'm sick of her pining for him. seriously.] They get rid of a few items/props around Barney's apartment, and Barney calls off some of his tip-off connections as well. It even appears that Barney masquerades as a gay hairdresser with a straight twin brother. [I particularly liked the cold-call machine tactic.] Robin has a plan to get Barney back, but Nora gets back early, so she got all upset again.... but when someone comes into the bar looking for Barney (via the cold call machine), Robin sends her straight to him, hoping to get him into trouble with Nora. However, Ted passively teaches her that you sometimes need to take a step back in love, so Robin goes to stop the girl from getting to Barney and Nora, and attacks her, hence the assault charge.

The other chunk of the episode dealt with Marshall, Lily, and Ted. Ted considers him part of TeamBaby, and is concerned about Lily taking a sip of wine (though she claims a sip is fine with her doctor). [the shirt drove me crazy!] Ted even shows up at the doctor's office and says that his research conflicts with what the doctor is saying. [how does he think this is appropriate?!? It's not like they all even live together at this point.] It doesn't take Lily long to confront Ted about butting in, but it seems that Marshall isn't the biggest fan of Lily's doctor, either. Shortly afterward, Marshall asks Ted to re-join the team, and the two of them take a birthing class without her. [weird!] Marshall later decides that maybe a more laid-back doctor wouldn't be a bad thing.
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