Thursday, October 27, 2011

Suburgatory: Is Tessa Possessed?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, this is the fifth episode. I've been talking about possibly dropping this show, and at this point, I feel like I have enough of a background in it that I could make an intelligent and informed choice. Problem is, I'm not sure what I want to do. The first few episodes were just such turn-offs. And then there was a good one, and a decent one. This one wasn't memorable and probably not worth re-watching, but it's not bad. So, I guess I'm in until it just pisses me off... are you still watching?  

Suburgatory "Halloween" (S01E05): George and Tessa are decorating the yard for Halloween and are going all out. They're having good daddy-daughter fun until George's HS friend shows up, pointing out that there will be a fine if they didn't clear what they're doing with the neighborhood association. [gotta hate that. seriously.] Dallas is the head of the neighborhood association, so heads to talk to her, but is told that the neighborhood is trying to keep the kids safe, not scared. But, it soon becomes apparent that Dallas is the scared one, so George brings over some scary movies to her place. He might be making some progress, and they're taking turns scaring one another. But, when Dallas' husband unexpectedly comes home, he slugs George, thinking he's a prowler. [yeah, the whole story isn't that good. and the end result isn't clear, except that George gets to decorate in the end. And, it looks like Dallas' husband is suspicious of George.]

Tessa goes to school as a tacky suburban girl, complete with a bump-it in her hair, for the costume contest. [dumb, but a little funny I guess.] She soon gets called to the office because her outfit is in "bad taste," and she's in trouble for impersonating Misty, the girl who lived in her house before her. Lisa tells Tessa that Misty was her best friend... until she got Lasik and started hanging out with the popular crowd. [of course. anyone who sheds the dorky image becomes popular. such a Hollywood trope!] Anyway, apparently Misty disappeared, and her parents said that she went "to a better place," leaving everyone to think that she mysteriously passed away. Soon, Lisa thinks that Tessa is possessed by Misty. [though she has no good evidence or examples or anything... which I thought made for a very weak case.] Sleeping in a dead girl's room is freaking out Tessa, so she tries to get to the bottom of Misty's story. But, Lisa and Malik decide to go ahead and perform an exorcism on Tessa... which is interrupted when Misty shows up... apparently she's not dead, she just moved to Paramus to go to a remedial school, called A Better Place. [wow. this is really stupid. crazy stupid. The guidance counselor should have known... maybe he did... either way...]

The end? Tessa and George do up the whole yard anyway and scare kids while they hand out candy.
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