Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cake Boss: Vampires Eat Cake, Too...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I have so many problems with episodes like this. Now, we clearly know that this wasn't filmed on Halloween because it aired on Halloween. I'd be willing to believe that it is indeed from this month (they are in Lackawanna, after all), but they try to hard to make it sound like it's absolutely the right time. But I suppose you could classify this gripe as being overly picky... the main cake we saw was magnificent, and I enjoyed the side-story cake as well... though I think the bride-to-be was more than surprised! But my big question is... did the blood squirting from the cake freak YOU out??

Cake Boss "Coffins, Costumes, & Cake on a Gurney" (S04E32):  Ralph's friend wants a coffin cake for a vampire gathering... complete with a body inside to look like Danny. [why Danny? that seemed so on-the-spot and pointless...] And, she wants the cake to bleed when you cut into it... and have it delivered to a cemetery. [demanding little thing, isn't she!] Buddy decides to have it bleed when you "bite" into the neck instead. Danny wants the replica to have a smaller stomach. [LoL.] The vampire girl comes back and brings two "vampires" with her so that the guys at Carlo's will take it seriously. [really? because all that did was make me think you're even more of an oddball...] One of the vampires had pointed teeth! When the guys go to deliver the vampire cake, nobody is in that part of the cemetery. [I half-expected some of the vampires to jump out of nowhere or something...] The guys stay to watch the vampires bite into the cake and grab at it. [freaky.]

A guy wants to get engaged to his medical school girlfriend. He wants the cake wheeled in on a gurney as if it were a patient. [I kinda like that idea...] They cover the cake with doctors' tools and figures of the couple. There are even lollipops! Buddy offers to wheel the cake in, dressed in scrubs. It works out and she's really happy and surprised. [cute!]

Kids trick-or-treating at Carlo's get cupcakes! [so, either this footage was from a previous year, or they did it earlier in the month...]
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