Tuesday, November 1, 2011

News Roundup: Left Behind & Fraggle Rock Movies; Hulu & Netflix Deals; More Game Shows

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Renewals, Cancellations, & Scheduling:
Tomorrow night, catch Steve Jobs - One Last Thing on PBS.

Bob's Burgers now has an order for a 22-episode second season, rather than the 13 it was scheduled for.

FX renewed American Horror Story for a second season.

FOX has canceled In the Flow with Affion Crockett, after six episodes on Sunday nights. [yeah, I've never heard of this show...]

ABC is premiering a new game show, You Deserve It, on Monday, November 21st. Contestants play for someone they think deserves the money... by buying clues to solve puzzles.

NBC has a new game show coming December 19th. Who's Still Standing? will run for a week before moving to its regular slot on Monday, December 26th. It alerady runs in Spain and Hungary, and has eleven people answering trivia questions... when you get one wrong, you fall through a trapdoor. [NBC Entertainment Press Release]

TLC's Long Island Medium [nope, I've never heard of it, either] got renewed for a second season of 12 half-hour episodes premiering in March 2012.

Cast & Plot Updates:
Jennifer Coolidge will be a recurring cast member on 2 Broke Girls, playing a neighbor to Max and Caroline.

The Sister Wives family had their 17th child.

Shows in Development & Other Fun Stuff
In 2012, Oxygen will have two new series, LA Style - behind-the-scenes of runways and red carpets, and The Eva Marcille Project - a "docusoap" about four female BFFs - a model/actress/producer, an actress, an interior designer, and a talent/brand manager. Both are working titles. [Oxygen Media Press Release]

Want to vote for X-Factor via twitter? Starting tomorrow, you can.

FX has ordered ten episodes of Anger Management, to star Charlie Sheen. If it does well, they will order NINETY MORE EPISODES.

NBC is going to do a Wiseguy reboot.

New Regency now has the rights to a Fraggle Rock film.

In Spring 2012, In Living Color will return to FOX for two half-hour specials, featuring new talent. If it does well, an entire season may be picked up.

FOX and DirecTV reached an agreement after a rough ten days.

The nine current CW shows are going to be licensed to Hulu for a five-year agreement. FOX, ABC, and NBC already do so.

Speaking of ABC-Disney, they've now got a deal with Netflix as well... episodes of new seasons from Disney-ABC shows will be available for Netflix streaming 30 days after the last episode of the season airs.

While it's more movie-related than television-related, I wanted to point out that Left Behind is returning to the theaters, but this time with a $15,000,000 budget and without Kirk Cameron.
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