Saturday, November 26, 2011

House: So Many Cases

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Officially, the Diagnostics Department has one case this episode. But, the patient ends up having multiple personality disorder, and the various personalities exhibit different symptoms, leading to a trickier-than-usual case. Plus, House has somehow dug up a case from five years ago, where a young boy died of unknown reasons. While the team does their job and works on the first case, House is obsessed with the second one... which is complicated by the fact that he isn't supposed to go anyplace that isn't his apartment or the hospital. I thought it was an interesting episode because of that, but otherwise wasn't too great. Adams wasn't a main feature, so I liked that... though Chase ended up with a bit too much attention. Oh well.

House "Dead & Buried" (S08E07): House tries to get out of taking a case from Foreman by reading facts from a case where the patient died five years ago. Too bad Adams ruins it by reading the case aloud. Park asks Chase about his dentist, but it turns out that he had a manicure done instead. [Why is Park still seeing a pediatric dentist? And why is Park so interested in what Chase does?] The patient, a 14-year-old girl, claims that she takes Vitamin C, but no other drugs, though the team suspects that there were drugs involved. Turns out, her mother gives her diasapan but tells her it’s Vitamin C so the girl doesn’t get a complex about needing meds for her moodiness. [wow... I really worry when parents don't tell their kids the truth. So many times on ER a kid would have AIDS or something and not know if because they just took the "vitamins" that their parents gave them!]

Looks like the patient might be pregnant, despite the fact that she claims to have never had sex. But, then her arms go numb. Chase gets his eyebrows waxed and maybe even had a Brazilian wax as well. The patient doesn't have HIV or a tumor, and the feeling in her arms returns, though they're sore and bruised. Taub has had more than one Brazilian wax, so he knows Chase was lying. [Taub? really? oooooook...] Turns out, Chase acted as a doctor in a commercial. [how did that even come about??] Taub and House watch Chase’s video online, and the others catch it, too. Chase and Taub go through the girl’s house and find all sorts of stuff in a hidden drawer – letters, porn, etc. The girl admits to the boyfriend after confronted with the evidence, and even says that he came to visit her in the hospital the night before... and that he hits her. [well this is getting upsetting!]
Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX
House bluffs the patient to get her to show the fact that she has multiple personality disorder. The other personalities only come out when she’s afraid or anxious, and she may not be aware of half of the things she’s done... like possibly had sex. They plan to hypnotize her to check the symptoms in the other personalities. [wow! the personalities can have different symptoms??] The multiple personalities show that eating strawberries hurt, the car accident memories from when she was two bother her, and that she saw her father die in a car accident, and harbors guilt from that. She has massive blood loss, and they do an ultrasound… no embryo at all, despite three positive pregnancy tests performed by three doctors... so the problem is actually cancer.

House is still working on the dead case, and tries to get Wilson to help since the team is working on the living case. But Wilson doesn’t want to get involved. [can't really blame him!] House goes to an anger management group to talk to the father of the dead kid. He tries to get him to sign some paperwork that would allow House to examine the corpse. House goes to the cemetery and is asked by the groundskeeper what tests he plans to perform on the remains, and told to be respectful. House was at the cemetery for the 45 minutes that the Naval area was testing and screwed up GPS. [how's that for timing?] House has the anger management team over to the hospital, and since the dead kid lived right by the hospital, House takes the father to go snooping – the mother still lives there with her new son. There’s only a single box of stuff left of the dead kid. House tricks the mother of the dead kid into coming to the clinic. [that was overly sneaky!] He questions why she was so apathetic about her first son. She left her first husband because he had their son’s eyes. [awwww. that sucks!] Her father used to watch the kid, so House goes to find the man. House says that he has a flat tire on his way to the chiropractor to get out of getting into GPS trouble when he talks to the grandfather. He pretends he is Dr. James Wilson, County Coroner, to ask some questions. The guy says that they watched a lot of television. When the daughter and her husband arrive, House gets punched out. [didn't know how they knew to show up, but should have figured something like this would happen!] House goes to the dead kid’s old house to play with the new kid to determine what killed the first one. House figures out that it was a genetic disorder that the mother carried a gene for, and that the second son also has it. A squad car pulls up and House gets in, knowing that he had (once again) violated his parole.

Foreman tells Wilson that House is annoyingly rational. Wilson is afraid that House will wind up back in jail. Foreman tells Wilson that he has to send House to prison, otherwise he’ll think he can get away with anything. The answer: Cuddy managed him, Foreman needs to control him. [truth.]
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