Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Man Standing: Speaking the Truth

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

First, let me say that I am thankful that we're not going to be stuck in a tradition of naming episodes so that they have the word "last" in every single one of them. The whole "the one where/with" was funny when Friends did it. Picking a random line of dialogue like Two and a Half Men does makes it too difficult to remember the episodes by title. And I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of the way 2 Broke Girls is making their titles into sentences that start with the show's name. /rant  This episode was pretty good... you see Mike be a really good dad, especially to daughters. Mandy's essay about Kristin was also very touching, and I wish we could have heard more. We finally get a little more about Eve, but I think they might be painting her tomboy thing a little too thick at this point. And when are we going to learn more about Vanessa?

Last Man Standing "Co-Ed Softball" (S01E05): Mike brings Eve home from a soccer game, and she's upset that the final score was 0-0. Mike tells her to speak up and ask to move to forward, rather than deal with being sweeper, if that's what she wants. [I'm not a big soccer person, but isn't forward like the quarterback of soccer? you can't just ask to be the head honcho, can you?]

Mike's company softball game is coming up, and this year the teams have been ordered to be co-ed. The company decides to have a secret ballot to decide if they'll play with women or if they won't play at all. [really? they'd rather not play at all? how "macho" are these guys supposed to be?] Mike does another video, of course. [I can't decide if I'm glad that they aren't being featured as heavily or if it doesn't matter to me.] The vote has co-ed winning by one vote, and it's implied that Mike voted for co-ed. Mike tells Vanessa about the co-ed thing because it's bothering him now, though he does reveal that he would have wanted his daughters to have the opportunity.
And... cue an idea. Vanessa volunteers to play, but Mike realizes Eve would be a much better choice for the "Master Batters," as she's all-league in three sports. [and apparently softball is one of them?] Eve is happy to play, even though she's only 13. Mike encourages Eve to speak out until she mentions that she wants to pitch... [haha!] 

While all of this is going on, Mandy is complaining constantly about college applications. Mike wants her to go to Michigan and Vanessa pushes for Ohio State, their respective alma maters. Later, she's still complaining and Kristin tries to help her during a short break between double shifts. [that's really nice of her.] Kristin enjoyed applying to college. [I can't say that I "enjoyed" applying, but I certainly didn't complain.] Mike begins thinking that Mandy isn't meant for college, and Vanessa agrees. [this is interesting... I wonder how it will play out!] Vanessa reads Mandy's essay... about Virginia Woolf... and knows that Kristin wrote it, since that's her favorite author. [Vanessa saying that she could tell from "the first 'i' in Virginia" made me laugh so hard!] Mandy wrote a new essay, and it's about Kristin. [again, so sweet!]

Kristin goes to talk to Mike, saying that she wants to go to college, even though it's expensive and a lot of work and she knows she might not deserve a second chance. Mike has already found four universities within an hour's drive, and they're all rated higher than Ohio State. [so touching. Mike knows that Kristin wants a higher education so badly...]

Funny ending note - name a famous historical figure you'd like to go to dinner with. Mike: "Gandhi. more food for me." 
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