Friday, November 4, 2011

Suburgatory: The Needy

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The main thing I took away from this episode? Everyone has a different definition of who is in need and what would improve their lives. There was a rather useless plot for George but that seems to be the way this show goes... which is a shame.

Suburgatory "Charity Case" (S01E06): First, the short & sweet storyline: Noah shows George his large, impressive bathroom, where he wants a skylight put in. After starting the skylight, George uses Noah's shower... but the housekeeper comes in and frightens him... so he gets out, slips, and wails his jaw on the counter. [ouch! seriously ouch!!] George goes to Noah's office to get his cracked tooth fixed, and he needs a crown. However, before he has the permanent one in, he received a bill for $2600, which George finds extravagant. George was expecting a discount, so he goes over to Noah's to confront him... in the shower. [it was all making sense until this point... why barge into someone's house AND into their bathroom??] George won't finish the skylight and Noah won't finish the crown... but eventually they decide to apologize and finish the jobs. [...good. because George needs a friend and Noah needs to grow up.]

Now for the stranger and more disturbing storyline: Tessa notices that there's a lot of food being thrown away in the cafeteria, and that even the guidance counselor wastes a can of soup when it's the wrong kind. So, she suggests that the school start donating things to the needy. [sounds like a good idea...] They throw together an assembly the same day, and rather than doing a live skit, they have one of those videos where you write the dialogue yourself. [the video was amusing, but how do you have an assembly without planning? It wasn't an emergency! But, I imagine we're now leading up to Tessa having problems in classes...] Although Tessa starts to talk about her idea, the student body would rather help the folks in Florida have better complexions and hair. [of course. These kids are so ridiculous it's hilarious.] Dallas throws out even more food, since she thinks it's not good enough for the fundraising group. Tessa grabs those deli trays from the trash and takes them home for dinner. [I have no problem with that. They were enclosed and perfectly good. Though I don't know that I would have advertised it like she did...]
Tessa mentions to the student body that they're very privileged, and brings in a homeless transsexual, hoping the students would realize that there are local folks who need help. Instead, the school develops a charity to help Tessa... they think that she's needy. [how does EVERYONE ELSE get EVERYTHING wrong???] Dallas and Dahlia bring over a bunch of stuff and give it to Tessa and George... and so does everyone else, apparently. [and not basic things or food. Waffle makers, sno-cone machines, foot spas, etc. I just sit here shaking my head.] Tessa and George use some of the things and send others to Gladys, who sells the stuff (the homeless have no use for electric counter-top appliances, you know) and bought a tent and a prepaid cell phone. [and, apparently, stationery. LoL.]
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