Monday, November 21, 2011

Suburgatory: Tessa Turns 16

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Remember the episode of Almost Home (you know, the second half of The Torkelsons?) where Dorothy Jane wants a quiet family party and Molly wants an extravagant birthday blow-out? That's what I was reminded of when I heard about this episode. Except, I thought that Tessa and Dahlia were both having birthdays... not that it was Tessa's birthday and Dahlia was just planning it. Regardless, it was nice to see Dahlia and Tessa getting along to a certain extent, but I'm sure it's a short-lived and episode-specific thing. George's injury was a strange branch in the story, but Sheila's was even worse. Hopefully that'll be cleared up by next week and not part of any ongoing issues. I would have liked to hear more from Lisa and Malik regarding what they thought of Tessa's party, but no big deal.

Suburgatory "Sweet Sixteen" (S01E07): George wants Tessa to have a big 16th birthday party, and she just wants a pizza party with Lisa and Malik. [...why does George want it to be a big gathering?] George and Tessa go to a wholesale store and pick up a bunch of stuff. They run into Dallas and Dahlia there, and Dallas pushes for a big party. When Dallas says that she could get Tessa's favorite band to play, Tessa is instantly sold on a big party. [I wouldn't have wanted a small party when I could do a big bash, but who would turn down your FAVORITE BAND playing live?!?! Of course, in my case, this means that Green Day or Savage Garden would have headlined my 16th... possibly the latter being more likely since they were less well-known and they were a favorite of my best friend, too... and we shared our 16th birthday parties.]

George hurts his back in the front yard and a bunch of neighbor ladies come running. [fairly amusing. but not really] Sheila takes over, drugging up George and taking care of him at his house. Dallas tells Tessa that she'll need a party planner... pushing Dahlia. ["solid" means "favor" ?? I'm behind in slang.] Tessa goes for it since the band is locked in. Tessa is thinking yakitori on hibachi, and Dahlia is thinking country club with cage dancers. [talk about clash of vision!] Dallas brings some soup to George's, but Sheila won't let her in... and George overhears something about Sheila killing a guy named Tom after taking care of his sciatica for three weeks. [say what now??] Malik and Lisa talk to Tessa about her party, and they all had originally wanted freeze dancing. [yet another thing I need to look up, apparently...] Dahlia makes Tessa go with her DURING SCHOOL to dress shop. [regular readers know that I can't stand children missing school for things like this!] Tessa wants a brown dress, but Dahlia makes her try on a silver dress that's pretty and flattering. [and I loved it on her!]

Noah talks to George about his practice sponsoring Tessa's party, since teenagers always have cosmetic dental concerns. George is supposed to stay on the couch and miss Tessa's party, but he sneaks out and has Dallas drive him. [is this all in like a week's time? that was a heck of a party to make happen in a week. but if it had been longer, George still being injured would be difficult to believe...] Dallas tells George that Sheila didn't kill Tom... Tom was 94. [...haha?]

The signature drink at the party is the Tessatini - grape soda, black tea, and a splash of beet juice - a dentist's dream since it stains teeth! [that Noah is so conniving!] Tessa is really enjoying the party, but when Lisa and Malik show up, they're asked to leave... "capacity issues," though Dahlia admits later that they just didn't fit her "vision" of the party. [omg that's like the biggest b!tch move ever!] Noah is mixing at the party and giving people his card. [WEIRD!]
Tessa asks Dahlia about Lisa and Malik, and is told that if she cares more about them, leave the party. The band starts playing, and Tessa is the only one on the dance floor. [Does Tessa have no friends from her 15 years in NYC who would come to the party?] Tessa was on her way out to find her friends when George and Dallas show up, so they all promptly leave. Tessa gets her pizza and friends and they eat at the house with Dallas and George. Dallas gives Tessa diamond earrings, and George dances with Tessa.
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