Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20th Holiday Recommendations

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

In case you missed our apology earlier, please know that the remainder of the "full" holiday schedule will not be as "full" as it was intended to be. There's still some great stuff listed, so keep a look out for some great stuff there! We'll continue to post our recommendations daily, and below you'll find our suggestions for Tuesday, December 20th. As always, times are Eastern and Pacific to the best of our knowledge (except when noted otherwise), but it's always good to double-check with your own provider.

12:30pm: Roseanne "Santa Claus" (Oxygen)
- Yeah, Roseanne had some strange holiday episodes. The Halloween ones are generally regarded as the best, but there were some memorable scenes from other episodes as well. In this one, Roseanne dresses as a mall Santa and learns about Darlene's friends... or, rather, friend. A middle-aged woman, to be exact. It strikes Roseanne as odd (it did to me, too), but she gets some insight into Darlene.

6:30pm: How I Met Your Mother "How Lily Stole Christmas" (FX)

- Not my favorite HIMYM holiday episode, either, but I love certain parts of it. The idea that Lily is able to move to her own crappy apartment, plus Ted convinces her to come back, all while Marshall is working on a paper is beyond me. Marshall riding in a truck to look for a package is funny, but you see his true Minnesotoan personality when he finishes the route with the guy. But, hey, it wouldn't be Christmas if a kid didn't pick up a bad word in the end!

7:30pm: Two and a Half Men "Warning, It's Dirty" (FX)

- Ever wanted to watch someone "learn" how to cheat on a significant other? If you're twisted like that, this episode is for you. In fact, it's a pretty cut-and-dried example of a habitual cheater showing a newbie the ropes. Poor Jake didn't see it coming, and his lovely girlfriend (and her mother) gets the short end of the stick when he gets caught. Yes, that's right... learn how to cheat and immediately get caught. hahahaha.

9pm: The Middle "A Christmas Gift" (ABC)

- This is this year's episode, so if you missed it the first time around, here's your chance. There's a couple of amusing scenes with Reverend TimTom (one with him skating while playing the guitar), but the focus of the episode is on Frankie and Mike. Frankie has gotten bitter about not having a dishwasher, and Mike wants to surprise her with one for Christmas. But, she throws a party Christmas Eve and complains to the ladies there SO MUCH that Mike yanks it out and reveals it during the party to save a little face. It's funnier than it sounds, though not as good as their Thanksgiving episode this year. Or their Halloween one, for that matter!
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