Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Exes: Stuart Falls Fast

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Maybe I'm just wanting too much from this show. I am not a fan of the Stuart character, and he's getting too much focus... every episode so far. I'm not a big fan of Phil, either. Haskell is amusing, but I don't think he's leading man material... he's just a supporting character and that's all there is to it. I'm not a fan of Eden in large doses, but luckily she doesn't do too much in the show. I like Holly quite a bit, but she's only getting mediocre lines and plots. I love the whole idea behind the premise of this show, and most of the actors are quite talented. But it's just not coming together. I know a few other people feel the same way... what about the rest of you?

The Exes "Working Girl" (S01E03): Stuart has been trespassing at his ex-wife's house, mowing the lawn, doing upkeep, etc. [I understand the desire, but thought that the lawn was pushing it...] The group goes to a bar to get Stuart a date, and he hits it off with a girl named Katie. They have a nice, sex-free date together that lasted until sunrise. [awwww!] He thanks Holly... then lets it out that he's already called the girl. We find out that he's called her TWENTY TIMES. [that's WAY worse than Ted on How I Met Your Mother! And Barney's always ragging on him for calling the girl the next day!] Holly meets with Katie to try and do some damage control, and quickly learns that Katie works as an "escort." Holly resorts to paying Katie to go on a second date with Stuart, to let him down gently. Phil and Haskell both catch on to what's happening, but when Stuart returns from his second date, they have a third one planned! [ha! I wonder if Holly will have to foot the bill for that one, too...] After that one, Stuart says that Katie has been offered a job in Switzerland... and has to start tomorrow. [Chandler blowing off Janice with that Yemen episode, anyone?] He decides to ask her to marry him. [yes, that's right. after only three dates. in less than a week.] Well, Holly has Katie over to warn her (with Eden hanging around just to meet an "escort"), but Katie gets excited over the prospect of marrying a "doctor." So, Holly decides to tell Stuart the truth instead... but can't get it out. Stuart later confesses that, when he didn't propose, Katie told him everything, and even returned Holly's checks. [note the plural, meaning she DID have to pay her more than once!] He did, however, go ahead and give her the ring. [what?? why?!?! geez!!]

Haskell has a cruiseship scene set up in the living room to try and convince his wife that his life is now fabulous, too. [I think it's a funny idea, but find it a bit difficult to believe that the resulting photos looked that real. I thought that the staged travel photos that David took with that one girl who needed a greencard on Beverly Hills, 90210 looked really fake....] Haskell does a deck scene, a dinner-in-a-tux scene, and in the end, he did such a good job of convincing his ex-wife that he was living such a good life, she now wants more alimony!! [this had me rolling!]  
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