Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little People, Big World: Matt Turns 50

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

We just had a Little People, Big World special in October, so I was kinda surprised to see another one so soon... though I did know about it because I follow Matt Roloff on twitter. This was kind of strange special in that nothing really happened that would have been outside a normal episode if this show was still running. Matt turned 50. The family puts together a gathering during pumpkin season, complete with an appearance by Jeremy, who drives up from Santa Barbara for the occasion. Overall, there were some cute scenes (like Matt dressed as Noah by the ark with the animals), but it was not their best hour.

Little People, Big World "Holiday Surprise" Matt is turning 50 at the start of pumpkin season, and gives himself a big new sign for the farm. [it looked really good!] Matt misses the kids being young. [typical parent stuff, really.] Amy talks to Zach, Molly, and Jacob about what they'll do for Matt's birthday. Amy thinks a flash mob would be cool, and Zach comes up with a Rambo theme. [I thought it was funny that Amy wasn't clear on what a flash mob was called.] The family skypes with Jeremy and say that they hope he will be able to come home for Matt's birthday bash. Amy won't actually be there for the bulk of the event, however, as she accidentally scheduled an out-of-town speaking engagement on the same day. She does leave him a cake in the fridge with a card before she leaves, though.

We see part of the pumpkin staff orientation meeting. Zach has been hanging out with a girl named Tori. All of the employees and family members learned the flashmob dance online and then had like one practice together.

Matt has the ark painted and gets pairs of animals to be near it. He's having a walkway and goatel built for the goats. [goatel? really?] Matt's knee is really stopping him these days. Matt has a Noah costume that Jacob helps him with, and he is out at the ark, telling the animals to line up two by two when the tractors come by.

Matt's parents are at the farm for his birthday. Jeremy comes home for the party. [did he really drive all that way for a weekend? Flying wasn't an option?] Jacob zip-lined to where the party began and they had a dance academy start the dance and then the flash mob joined in party-way through. [fun to see the kids all doing it together. Jeremy could have learned it online... I didn't see him out there, did you?] Matt honors his parents with a speech. [it always weirds me out when people thank their parents on their birthday. If they feel the need to do such things, maybe they should thank them on their conception day. LoL.] Matt decided that he was going to do the zipline, too. [really cool pumpkin carving/painting!] As a surprise, Amy gets back that night and is able to share a little bit of his birthday with him.  

Other fun things we saw: Matt arm-wrestles Zach and wins. Then Amy and Matt arm-wrestle, and she stops Matt from bending his wrist to win. Jeremy loves school, rides his bike everyday, and has friends hanging at his apartment.
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