Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pan Am: Kate in Danger

Amy Amy K. Bredemeyer

What's the point in having Laura fall for Ted? I'm not the most romantic person on the planet or anything, but I can't see any real pluses for the two of them getting together. Unless Pan Am just wants to further the stereotype that all pilots and all stewardesses were hot for one another. I was also thrown by Kate trying to get out of the "sky spy" business. We've known that she isn't thrilled, but I was totally under the impression that she wasn't going to have a say in when she got "out" of it all. And just how long were they using a single person for these tasks anyway? One one hand you'd think they'd switch it up often to keep suspicion at bay, but on the other hand the longer someone does it, the better they would be, right? Who knows...

Pan Am "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" (S01E09): [gonna break down the episode by character again, so the overall chronology may seem a bit skewed.] Kate: Kate had her exit interview already, but she's not done with her missions yet. The crew is headed to London, and Kate must deliver a package to a contact there. If she doesn't, she may be blackmailed and lose her job at PanAm. [this is why you don't start working for the bad guys in the first place...] She delivers the package, but isn't "done" like she was expecting to be. Instead, she finds out that she needs to help with the swapping of two lists. She fights it... until she learns that both Bridget and Niko are on the list, and she wants desperately to keep them safe. [yeah, because you're gonna hear the truth in this situation...] Kate asks multiple times whether she'll be able to break away after completing this task, and she's told that she will be released. [hahaha, famous last words...] They got and pick out some jewelry, which will be sized and delivered later in the evening. The jeweler arrives, but he's jumpy since Kate is alone. When the smoke alarm goes off, the jeweler panics and takes the bracelet with him as he leaves. Kate goes after him, but doesn't catch up until the guy has made it to the safe and is fighting with her boss. A knife gets pulled and Kate shoots the jeweler. [yeah... this is getting to be a bit much. I'm kinda sick of these nearly-unbelievable stories...]

Maggie: A friend shows up at her apartment, wanting a free ride to London. She gets him on the plane AND into first class. [no, we're not sure how she manages this.] But, when he starts arguing with a congressman onboard, it draws attention. Maggie shuts him up and tells him to act like he belongs, but he questions her and her principles. [and, of course, Maggie takes that to heart and begins wondering to herself as well.] In London, he gets upset that she has a captive audience on flights and she doesn't try to make a difference. [um, just because you have a job doesn't mean you should bring your politics and beliefs into it...] In London, she hunts down the congressman and tries to change his mind about nuclear testing. Next thing you know, they're having nightcaps in his room... and then making out... and then having sex. [did you not see this coming? when Maggie's involved, you can just assume the situation is going to go that way...] Maggie asks to see his speech, and she doesn't like it, so she lights it on fire. [what a drastic measure!] It starts the curtains on fire though, which causes the smoke alarm to go off throughout the building.

Laura & Ted: Maggie recognizes the replacement captain for the flight to London as someone with wandering hands. [you know that she doesn't say these things for her health, so something is bound to happen...] The guy annoys Ted in the cockpit and is both rude and sexually aggressive toward Laura when she brings the coffee. She puts up with it up until he has her clean a gauge specifically to get a look down her blouse... and Laura "accidentally" spills coffee on him. This angers the man, who claims he'll fire paperwork against her. Ted steps in and says something... which we later learn was along the lines of "she's the best thing that has ever happened to me, I don't want to see her in any trouble." For doing this, Ted wants a favor from Laura - he wants her to pose as a jealous girlfriend later in the evening when he's supposed to meet up with a family friend. Just as Laura is about to go to his table and make a scene, the replacement captain shows up and starts talking to her, implying that she and Ted were an item. He tells her what Ted said, and Laura ends up missing her chance to interrupt the table. Later, when the smoke alarm goes off, she runs into them in the hall, and Ted drops the charade and stays with the old girlfriend. [whatever. Ted ended up not needing as much help as he thought, and that's all there is to it.]
Dean & Colette: Dean shows up at Colette's apartment, offering to take her flying in a crop-duster. So, they both call in sick and he drives her out to the countryside. Turns out, the crop-duster is kept at his parents' place, so they must go there first, which is a much bigger deal to Colette than it is to Dean. Colette is nervous about meeting his parents, and it doesn't get off to a great start - they suspect that she is Bridget, and Dean's father in particular makes a big deal out of it and is rather rude. Dean tells her that he thinks they have something real, and she believes him, so they spend the day together anyway. [eh. I really don't have much to say here. It makes sense that his parents assumed Dean brought Bridget. It was wrong of his father to judge. It was nice that Dean opened up and that he and Colette share something.] Fun fact: We learn that Dean played baseball in high school
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