Saturday, December 31, 2011

Teen Mom 2: Adam Fails, Ali's Okay, Kailyn's Protected, Jenelle Turns 19

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

What's with this show having the closing-type credits before the episode is finished? Both this week's episode ("No Looking Back") and the special that ran with last week's ("A Closer Look") are guilty of doing this, and, I gotta say, I'm not a fan. But that's beside the point. The special featured the four girls together, talking with someone who isn't Dr. Drew for once. I always want the girls to have more time to ask one another questions, so it was nice that this idea was slightly addressed at the end when we learned that they talk to one another. Now, I don't see Farrah and Amber from Teen Mom being BFFs, but maybe it works for the girls of Teen Mom 2. In the regular episode, Kailyn takes charge of her fertility, Jenelle sees Kieffer turn himself in, Chelsea begins to recuperate from her knee surgery, and Leah finds out that Ali's brain and spine are both fine. For more specifics, keep reading!

Teen Mom 2 "A Closer Look" (Series Special): The four girls (who are all blond here, by the way) are asked if they follow the stuff that others write about them on the internet. Overall, they try not to, but admit it's hard not to look. [Leah's hair in particular stands out; it's blond and brown, long with bangs and curls.] The girls talk about how hard things must be for Leah, who has a developmentally slow baby. Then, they talk about issues with their mothers... specifically how Kailyn's mom puts her boyfriend above her daughter. [yeah, that sucks every time we see it. I don't know why her mom is so messed up, but to each their own.] Jenelle wishes that she and her mother didn't have to yell at one another all of the time, and she says that her mom doesn't take what happened seriously when she watches episodes. [well, to a certain extent I assume things are edited and perhaps some context is lost, but I'd still take the overall exchange seriously.] Chelsea admits that she didn't want to wait until her dad could help her after surgery because she wanted to "test" Adam. She would give him a C for his efforts. [she's an easy grader, in my opinion!] The girls agree that sometimes you have "an Adam," someone to whom you always want to return. [...yeah. But once you're seventeen or eighteen, you need to grow up. Silly crushes and obsessions are just wrong after that.] Jenelle admits that Kieffer distracts her and it really causes her schoolwork to suffer. [haha, ya think?] The girls all agree that they're worried about how violent Kieffer could be with Jenelle. During the tiny bit of the program where the girls get to ask questions of one another, Jenelle asks Chelsea if she thinks she'll ever move on from Adam. She says that if Adam doesn't change, she'll move on, but it'll take time, and afterward she just wants to focus on herself and Aubree and school. [good idea.] Chelsea then asks Jenelle about Kieffer, and Jenelle says that she and Kieffer are drifting apart and she imagines that they will eventually split for good. [eventually?? ugh.] Leah asks Kailyn how she emotionally deals with her mother. [good question!] Kailyn says that she has Jo to lean on. [that's helpful. glad that they're still friends.] The girls are close and text/talk/facebook. [loved the braid in Kailyn's hair!]

Teen Mom 2 "No Looking Back" (S02E04):
Jenelle: Jenelle moved home and turns 19. We see her mother give her a can of fix-a-flat and jumper cables, which Barbara finds hilarious. Barbara reminds her that she was born via c-section and that Kieffer screwed up her semester. [this woman lets nothing go. and I personally find it annoying to hear about what a difficult birth a person is!] Later, Jenelle gets a call from Kieffer and they talk about what the future holds. He asks her for a ride to turn himself in. [could you call the non-emergency number for the police station and just ask for a ride to turn yourself in?] In the car, Kieffer says that he kicked her car but never assaulted her., and that he doesn't deserve to be in jail. He asks her if they're done, she says "I don't know," and he says, "fair enough." He tells her that, if he's locked up, he doesn't want to get any letters from her, since it'll hurt too much. [can we say "guilt trip"??] He tells her that he won't be okay in jail, so don't wonder how he's doing. [::eye roll::]

Kailyn: We learn that Kailyn "waited three months" to have sex with Jordan, as she didn't want him to leave her as soon as they consummated the relationship. [what is wrong with her? she "waited" THREE MONTHS and feels that's fine? She's a teenage mother. She couldn't wait six months? or a year?] And, since they're having sex, Kailyn goes to the doctor to talk about her birth control options. She can't remember to take the pill, and is worried about user error with the patch and the ring, so she goes for Mirena. It offers immediate protection. [good for her in making a decision. though, in my opinion, if you can't remember to take one pill a day, maybe you shouldn't be having sex. but I digress...] later, she tells Jordan about getting the IUD, and gets rather graphic with her description. Jordan is uncomfortable talking about their sex life, and he says that he never talks to his girlfriends about that sort of thing. [I really wonder how many partners some of the kids on this show have had!] She complains to one of her friends about Jordan's bashfulness. A couple of days later, Jordan brings up the sex thing, and thanks her for getting Mirena. [I appreciate that he thanks her.] She asks him why he was uncomfortable talking about their sex life, and he says that neither of his parents ever talked to him about sex. They say "I love you" to one another. The only other thing going on with Kailyn is that she wants to use organic cleaning products, just in case Isaac gets into them. Apparently, Jordan finds this funny, as he makes an organic joke.

Leah: Corey has to work so he can't go with Leah to find out Ali's brain MRI results. [she is so fortunate that she can take off willy-nilly to go to the doctors' offices all the time!] She asks her sister to go with her, but she has a test. She asks her mom, but she has to work. So, her grandmother ends up going with her. [I'm glad she found somebody. The results? Ali's optic nerves are only small on one side, so her vision in that eye will not likely improve, but they can't know how her vision will degenerate over time. Ali's brain is otherwise fine, as is her spine, so the next step is genetic testing. Later, Leah and Corey talk about Ali's test results and they're pretty relieved. [glad that the brain MRI went well. I wonder what the geneticist will say?]

Chelsea: The morning after her knee surgery, Adam left with Aubree and won't return her calls. She calls her dad to complain, but he doesn't really have good things to say. [of course she complained to her dad. Is there anyone who regularly watches this show who didn't see that coming? also, did she not think she'd spill the water when she pulled at the container??] Her sister has to take her to physical therapy because Adam isn't returning his calls. [he really is one of the worst people ever.] Her doctor reminds her that she'll need help at home, especially with a one-year-old. Hours later, Adam still won't answer his phone, and when he does return a text, he tells Chelsea to shut up. [not winning any points here, guy...] He returns with Aubree the following day, and Chelsea confronts him. Not long afterward, he decides that it was a mistake to come there, and leaves again. [I don't think I need to say anything else. I imagine that you're probably thinking the same things as me....]
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