Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teen Mom 2 is Back!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I read that the ratings for this episode were through the roof. Seriously, I saw some nonsense about how more people tuned in last night for this show than for any other episode in the 16 & Pregnant / Teen Mom / Teen Mom 2 franchise. Crazy, isn't it? I actually forgot that it was coming back until the afternoon before it aired. But, then again, I prefer the ladies in Teen Mom to these four. Out of this bunch, Leah is by far my favorite, though we already know where a good third of her story is going to go this season... the news of her divorce after only six months of marriage hit the net last spring. Jenelle is still putting everything else before her child. Kailyn is still sneaking around to be with Jordan even though Jo isn't happy about it. And Chelsea STILL hasn't gotten her GED... and it looks like she may get back with Adam before long. Who knows, maybe I'll give up on this group of teenage mothers before the season ends... but I kinda doubt it.

Leah, Chelsea, Kailyn, Jenelle
Teen Mom 2 "Best Laid Plans" (S02E01): It's October, since all of the moms are talking about Halloween to one degree or another. The cast picture to the right must have been taken at the Dr. Drew special at the end of the second season, since Leah and Jenelle have very different hair than they did in the season premiere.

Leah: She's been lonely staying home all the time, so she wants to get a job that gives her 2-3 days a week out of the house and around other people. [I completely understand her mindset. I haven't had a regular out-of-the-house job in over a year. When I have days with no calls, you do get lonely.] Corey tells her not to flirt at work. [really? that's his biggest concern?] She applies to a few places, but when her mom calls to tell her that there's an opening for a dental assistant at the office where she works, she has Corey's stepmom watch the girls and heads down there to interview. It goes well and she's hired, full-time, on the spot. It'll pay $8/hour for training and $8.50/hour after that, so it'll make a big difference. [I wish I could get hired on-the-spot! Every job interview I've ever had has required a wait time to find out the results!] Leah tells her mom that Corey will be happy because it's an office with a bunch of girls. [I still can't believe that he'd rather have her not work (it seems that they'll have free childcare through Corey's family) than work with men!] Leah gets some scrubs. The girls dress up as ladybugs for Halloween. [it isn't clear whether or not they do anything as a family though.]

: Adam comes over to see his daughter for a bit. Chelsea goes to a bookstore to buy a book to prepare for the GED. [wait. she JUST bought a book? What have your preparations consisted of thus far?] Adam calls her and asks her out, but she doesn't give him a response. Her mother overhears and wonders how she could even consider giving him another chance. She and her friend take their girls to pick out pumpkins. Her friend warns her not to go back to Adam. [yeah... everyone is telling her that it's a bad idea... so you kinda know that she's gonna do it... arrrgh!]

: Since Jo and Kailyn worked out a custody agreement, they've been getting along better. Kailyn calls Jo to see if she can pick up Isaac early on Halloween. Jo is taking him trick-or-treating at the mall, and Kailyn plans to pick up Isaac at 6pm since trick-or-treating in Nazareth ends at 8. [8? that sucks.] She and her friend Meagan pick up a pumpkin and bring it back to her place, where they paint it red to resemble a strawberry, complete with a green stem and black seeds. [I thought it looked pretty cool.] Jo had dresses Isaac as SuperBaby for the mall, but they were pretty much out of candy when they got there. Jordan dresses as a big baby, Kailyn as a cowgirl, and Isaac as a giraffe.

Jenelle: She gave custody of Jace to her mom. She has a court date pending for possession of marijuana and breaking and entering. She paid her mom back for the credit card charges. Her mom doesn't know that Jenelle got Kieffer out of jail or that they're back together. [wow. that's a lot of updates.] Jenelle asks her mom if she can bring Jace to the park, and her mom says that she might even be allowed to watch Jace the next day, too. Except, Jenelle has an ulterior motive - Kieffer meets them at the park. Kieffer is still homeless and jobless. Later that day, Jenelle wants to go out, and her mom tells her to be home by midnight if she wants to watch Jace the next day. Jenelle goes to be with Kieffer. [of course...] Kieffer thinks that they're still together because he went to jail. [say what now?!?!] Because Jenelle didn't get up on her own the next morning, her mother isn't going to let her watch Jace. They argue, yell, and curse in front of Jace. [poor, poor kid. he's getting so scarred!] Jenelle calls Kieffer after her mom leaves with Jace and he comes over. For Halloween, Jace dresses as a bumblebee. ["stacking cake" ?? some weird slang...] Her mom sees her with Kieffer and kicks her out. [yep. now they're both homeless. ::shaking my head::]
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