Monday, January 9, 2012

CES 2012: Press Day - DISH Network

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Here at CES, TheTalkingBox is having a wonderful time at Press Day. The stand-out event was DISH Network's press conference, which you might have followed on our twitter feed earlier this afternoon. The excitement built as journalists entered the room, found seats, and went through their swag bags, which contained plush kangaroos, among other goodies. Of course, some of us were greeted by someone in a seven-foot kangaroo costume in the hallway, so the surprise wasn't as big for everyone.

photo credit: Jonathan Bredemeyer
DISH made many announcements today, and just the "new things" alone were impressive. CEO Joe Clayton (pictured right with the new kangaroo mascot) wasted no time in introducing the Hopper, which boasts 2 TB of storage and the ability to record up to six HD channels at once. While most DVRs on the market can record two, and AT&T U-Verse made a push with four, recording six offers the customer a great deal of options - especially when it comes to checking out every new show on the broadcast networks each fall!
Hopper is eight pounds while its companion, the Joey, is just 0.7 ounces. While Hopper is designed to be places in the main room where you watch television, Joeys can be used in any room of your house, and are designed so that four different programs can be viewed simultaneously. They can even be set behind your television to prevent clutter!

The new set-top box also offers some amazing features, including Sirius XM channels, ZigBee, and Bluetooth. Some markets will be able to utilize the "Primetime Anytime" feature, which will give you three hours of HD primetime programming On Demand for up to eight days from initial airing. This doesn't take up any of your personal DVR space, either! Another benefit of Hopper? There's a sling adapter add-on so that you can watch your recorded material on a laptop, tablet, or other mobile device.

Another new product from DISH is the Tailgater, a portable HDTV system. at 16" x 16" x 17.5" and weighing in at ten pounds, this pay-as-you-go device is perfect for watching sports (or anything) on the go. It received power from your compatible DISH receiver, and claims to take only ten minutes to set-up. Paired with no contract required and no charge to start/stop monthly service, this may pick up steam as the new way to watch away from home. 

As folks made their way out of the room, we were invited to get a photo with the larger kangaroo. The animal was rather unwieldy, but the line was short and I gave it a shot. Too bad his little face isn't turned toward the camera!
photo credit: Jonathan Bredemeyer
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