Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Man Standing: Mandy a Vegan?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

You know, I was really looking forward to this episode after the hiatus. It didn't measure up to the earlier episodes, in my opinion. Maybe it was because it was so Mike-heavy. Maybe it was because the only family drama going on was Mandy's attempt to become a vegan. Maybe it even had something to do with the fact that I was a little excited for Tony Hawk's appearance, only to have it pop up at the very end of the episode. Regardless, There were just no amazing moments in this episode. I know I wouldn't tune-in for a rerun. What did you think?

Last Man Standing "Moon Over Kenya" (S01E12): The episode starts with Mike, Vanessa, and Ed watching a video of Chad Bickle, a professional fisherman who has recently signed to do celebrity endorsements for the store. Mike isn't a fan of the guy, but others are. Even Kyle wants Chad to sign his stomach (which he shaved for the occasion)! As a friendly gesture, the Baxters have Chad over for dinner. [LoL at the catch-and-release spiel from Mike when Chad was hugging and spinning Vanessa.] Mike and Chad swap stories about places they've gone around the world, Chad for fishing and Mike for photoshoots. Mike has an itch to go to Kenya over the summer, and Vanessa grants him permission as long as he goes to Mandy's graduation in June.
Mandy claims that she's now a vegan, based on Olivia Wilde's choice. [it made me laugh that all of Mandy's decisions seem to be based on celebrities.] Mandy pronounced Ghandi "guh-handy." ['re kidding me, right?!? She said that she learned about it in school... was it only a reading assignment and not a lecture/discussion?] Kristin and Eve want all of Mandy's clothes that are animal-made, which may be the breaking point for their sister's veganism.

Mike does a video on boats. Specifically, he talks about anchors, as he inadvertently referred to his family as one. This one gets a bit too personal, though, and he deletes it. [that was an interesting twist. I wasn't expecting him to actually delete it... but that's good. It shows some differentiation from Tim Taylor and Mike Baxter. Also, there were too many bass/ass jokes.] Chad tells a crowd the next day that fishing ruins your life, as Mike apparently showed him, so he's giving it up. Mike talks to Chad, and tells him to keep at it, make money, and have a family later. Ed promises Mike that he'll get someone less high maintenance next time... and in skateboards Tony Hawk, who wants to put a skate park where the hunting section is. [worth a giggle?]

Also, we learned that Mandy's given name is Amanda Elaine.
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