Thursday, January 26, 2012

Switched at Birth: Your Own Projects

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I love how the storylines came together in such a way that so many of the characters (except for John, Melody, and Bay) had a side project going on. Kathryn had her book, Angelo and Regina had the salon, Daphne tried to bake cupcakes, Emmett tried to repair motorcycles, and Toby and Wilke tried to make a music video. Teamwork at its finest in some instances, which is great. However, it's not always enough. As we see, nobody is able to help out Emmett with his fine, and he's forced to sell his beloved motorcycle. And, with both he and Daphne (who lost her driving privileges for a month) out of wheels, I wonder how they'll be getting to school? And, speaking of wheels, we saw some nice glimpses of Bay's "Thing" again, which is fun. What's not fun? This creepy past of Angelo's! According to the scenes-from-the-next, though, it looks like we're closing in on learning what he's been up to!

Switched at Birth "Les Soeurs d'Estrees" (S01E14): Emmett has Daphne over to help him study for trigonometry, and she imagines them kissing. [you gotta admit, they did look totally cute together!] Melody comes home and lets Emmett know that the $5,000 fine is due in a week, and she doesn't have the money. He thinks that his dad will help out, but Melody suggests he sell his motorcycle, which his dad bought it for him for his 13th birthday and fixed it up with him. [that sucks. also, I guess we're not going to see a trial or anything? you can just press charges and a fine "happens" ??] Daphne thinks that she can sell 200 cupcakes at $5 each to help with the money. [um, girl. $5 each? It may be Buckner, but that's steep. Sprinkles doesn't even charge that.] Then, while Daphne is baking, Bay tells her that the tagging that Emmett did was a birthday present for her. [ooooh... I didn't realize that Daphne didn't know that yet!] Regina buys the first cupcake, then she sells some at Buckner, but she's not really getting anywhere. It doesn't help that Wilke tells her he doesn't even want to be friends anymore. [well, you know. she kinda acted like a tease.]
A new lawyer comes over and says that there's no way the hospital will actually want to go to trial for the case, and they'll likely offer a new settlement anyway. [is that what the Kennishes want at this point, though?] Kathryn admits that she's writing a book, and is told to be careful with what she writes, since all of it will be admissible in court. [hmmm... so wait until after a legal battle to write it all down??] They then interview another (younger) lawyer, who thinks a memoir will be great, since it's moving testimony for a jury. Kathryn likes this guy, but John wants someone more experienced. [I wish we had more about what Kathryn liked about him.] They take a break from talking with attorneys for John to learn that the detective STILL can't find anything on Angelo for the missing two years. So, John goes to Angelo's to ask him what he's been up to, and Angelo talks about living with a wealthy woman in Chicago and working under the table. [something seems strange...] John fills in Angelo about how Regina found out that the girls were switched thirteen years ago and did nothing about it. This, as expected, blows Angelo's mind. [what room were John and Kathryn in when they poured drinks? They have a full bar in their house?] Angelo reacts by rushing over to Regina's and demanding to know why she never told him, then says he's done with her. [I wouldn't bet on it...]

This would have put a damper on the fact that Regina was going to have Angelo act as a silent business partner in the salon, but Angelo decides that Regina must have been doing what was best for the girls, and decides not to give up the "dream." This is, of course, aside from the fact that they're apparently still interested in one another romantically, since we see them kiss toward the end of the episode. [definitely not a good thing...] You know who else isn't a fan? Daphne. When Regina tells her that she's looking for a salon location, Daphne isn't really okay with Angelo being part of the project, but she doesn't want to be the reason that Regina isn't happy, so she says she's fine with it. [I thought it would have been nice for Regina's mother to comment on the whole situation..]

Bay and Daphne have been brainstorming about how they could get more money to give to Emmett, and Daphne comes up with a pretty good plan. She tells John and Kathryn that she lost her hearing aids, and they promptly write her a check for $5000. Plus, since she doesn't want to bother Regina, it'll be a secret. [awesome. love it.] But then she screws up when she mis-texts Regina instead of Emmett, and Regina then catches her in a couple of lies. [when you're doing something of this nature, Daphne, you need to come up with your lies AHEAD OF TIME. do better.] Daphne admits the truth, seemingly unable to come up with anything else plausible on the spot. Regina makes her give the money back right away, so she heads over to tell Kathryn (John isn't there). [if she already had the check cashed, why did she even go home? you'd have a much better shot at making this work by going directly to Emmett's afterwards!] She gives Kathryn the cash and apologizes, starting out with a lie about finding the hearing aids, but then admitting the real truth, which makes Kathryn not trust her. [I liked the idea of her sticking with the "I found them" bit, but I guess Regina would have found out.] Kathryn takes away Daphne's car keys for a month, then goes to Regina's to talk about it. This doesn't go too smoothly, since Regina tells Kathryn about the salon project. After leaving there, Kathryn then confronts Bay, thinking that she must have put Daphne up to that charade, and is hard-pressed to believe that Bay isn't all evil. [poor Bay. I hate it when mothers do that!] Clearly, Bay goes to Daphne to find out what went wrong with the plan, and then decides to try to convince Daphne to woo the money from Wilke. [not the best idea in the world, but it might work.] Daphne claims she doesn't want to manipulate him, but off they go to find the boys.

Now, before the girls actually get to the guys, let's look at what Toby and Wilke have been up to this episode. Still set on doing a music video with a capybara, Wilke gets costumes for the rodent, then gets Simone to be the director and camera person, since she has to do a project for a class anyway. [I'm not a fan of Simone. In fact, I don't really like her at all. But, it sure looks like she's going to be around for a while!] And, although she was once with Wilke, she's apparently now into Toby, and hits on him. Oh, and Toby is an amazing singer. Okay, now, when Bay and Daphne arrive at the taping, they point out how Emmett has helped the guys in the past, and they should help him now. Toby says that they've pretty much spent all the money already (though there's no sign of this expensive capybara until later...). The girls are left to tell Emmett that they couldn't come up with the money. He's forced to sell his bike for $4750, but he and Bay do take a last ride together. Oh, but in order for them to go for a ride, Daphne gets left alone... and she calls Wilke to give her a lift. [and I'm just going to sit here, shaking my head...] Another episode-ending scenario that's bound to change things? Emmett announced that he's going to be moving in with his father. [excitement! how will this impact EVERYTHING??]

And, we'll end back on the lawyer thing. So, the young guy tells a publishing friend about Kathryn's idea, and since it was well-received, he brings over a few other books so she could see what sorts of things they publish. [do you really start looking for a publisher before you have anything for them to read?] He reminds Kathryn and John that the other lawyer is going to get them money, but he'd make the hospital sorry for what they did, and this really hits home with John, who hired him. [I don't know a lot about hiring lawyers, but I'm not 100% sure that I would've went with this guy OR the other one we saw this episode. Though, I wouldn't want to interview every attorney in the metropolitan area, either.]
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