Thursday, January 26, 2012

House: Gaining Freedom

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I didn't like Taub not being in this episode. I'm not sure exactly why it bothered me, but I guess I got used to having him in the episodes... at this point he's a little easier to relate to than Park, Adams, or Foreman. And, with the absence of Cuddy this season (who I found pretty easy to relate to), it's important to have some sort of character that seems realistic to a certain extent. And, speaking of ridiculous characters, can anyone see Melanie Lynskey as anyone other than Rose from Two and a Half Men these days? Don't get me wrong, I loved her as Lurlynn in Sweet Home Alabama, but I think that she's kinda "holed" as Rose these days. But here in House? I don't think that she really shined. Not that the patient or the case were all that memorable, either. The ongoing Foreman-House battle for power is getting old. Trying to give Chase's character some new depth via a sister ain't gonna do much. I think we all need to accept that this show is just about done. I'm seeing one more season at best, people. I wouldn't be surprised if FOX blows the whistle on the show any day now. The first eight episodes averaged 7.5M views each, but that's counting the season opener, which came in with 9.78M... since then, it's only gone over 7.55M twice - and once was for this episode, the first since November. We're looking at four more new episodes in the next four weeks... then another month-long hiatus. Anyone want to argue that these are good signs?

House "Better Half" (S08E09): A different doctor's patient, Andres, struggles to know where he is or what things are, but he's planning to start a drug trial for a new Alzheimer's medication. When he suddenly starts coughing up blood, he becomes a patient of the diagnostics department. Chase is fine with a family friend being in the room as they do tests, but Park kicks him out. [I imagine that this has got to be one of the tougher things about being a doctor... the regulations don't define "loved ones," as some of us do.] The patient gets violent toward his wife, then there's blood in his urine. [what's with Adams' neckpiece?]
Cr: Adam Taylor/FOX
Soon, he wanders out of the hospital, but Chase and Adams find him at a track field not far away. When the patient comes to after being frozen, he's speaking Portuguese, his native tongue. House can't go to the patient's house to check for toxins, and he can't make the team do it because Foreman overruled him, so he tries to talk to the patient's wife, but that doesn't really work. [really? nobody went to the house? that is so rare!] House was, however, able to translate about what her husband was talking about.

Meanwhile, House is petitioning to have his ankle monitor removed, thinking that he has concocted a great plan to convince Foreman to sign... [I don't know that I want House left to his own devices already... it's still just episode nine, folks. And, if you'll recall, House was in prison at the start of the season, so he hasn't been on "house arrest" all that long.] House has notecards taped to things with predictions of what Foreman will do. [slightly amusing. very character, tho.] Foreman can't control House, and that's the big push/concern. [why did Foreman ask where House's petition was if it was THE ONLY THING ON HIS DESK?] In the end, House is able to have his ankle monitor removed after all. [surprising. and probably a bad move.]

Also on Foreman's plate? The hospital is at risk of losing donors, as they have dropped in the rankings. Foreman says that the drop is due to the diagnostics department temporarily being shut down, but the donor believes that it may be more likely due to the change in management, and asks to see a five-year plan. This may spell trouble shortly. [I hate it when Foreman does things like House - like has an epiphany in the middle of a conversation and running off to check his suspicions.]

On to Wilson, who has an asexual patient. And, it might not be that much of a rarity - apparently, nearly 1% of the population identifies as such. [this interests me a little, but not enough to actually go do my own reading on the matter, LoL.] House bets Wilson $100 that there's something medically wrong with the patient that makes her not want to have sex. Wilson tells House that he can't contact the patient, but he can run tests on some already-drawn blood. Well, House gets around this by contacting the woman's husband, and they find out that he has a brain tumor that has stopped him from wanting sex. [wow. didn't know a brain tumor could do that.] The wife admits that she has had sex before, and that it's fun, so maybe they can "go through it" together. [awkward!]

Now, the final round-up. Taub wasn't in this episode because he was "taking time off for a sick daughter." Chase calls his sister for the first time in years. The most memorable thing said was, "most happiness is based on lies."
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