Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alcatraz: Lucy Has More Secrets

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When we first learned that Lucy was a doctor on Alcatraz back in the day, I was pretty shocked. Not to learn that there was a woman doctor, but because I hadn't realized that there were non-prisoners, non-guards "coming back" as well. Then, we discovered that Dr. Beauregard was also "transported" somehow. Now, why would the two doctors "come back" first AND find Hauser AND work undercover? Hauser has aged, so he wasn't part of whatever "experiment" took place... right? So, my thought process is that Beauregard and Lucy must have also been "captured," but broke out early or something? But if that was the case, wouldn't they know more about what was going on and how these things are happening? And now I'm also extra-confused... if Soto never knew of a female doctor on Alcatraz, that means that there must be NO documentation of Lucy AT ALL. So... why was she there? What sort of organization was she with, and why was it so secretive? The intrigue is really starting to lure me in deeper, guys. What are your theories thus far on what's going on?

Alcatraz "Paxton Petty" (S01E06): A bunch of bombs go off in a public space, but once our team of heroes realize they're landmines, both Hauser and Soto realize at the same time that the culprit is Paxton Petty. Hauser works on finding the locations of other bombs (Petty does this in cycles of four), and Madsen is told to find Paxton. Madsen spots him in the crowd and goes after him. [she's good at facial recognition after just seeing a picture!] But, he rolls a bomb at her and they lose him. Madsen gets checked out, then collects some pictures of the shrapnel. [I'm surprised that she wasn't more injured!] Madsen and Soto find out that the shrapnel was a silver star, which soldiers are sometimes buried with, so they realize that Petty much be digging them up. The duo go to a graveyard in the area that has a bunch of Korean war victims, but it doesn't help. This is also where Petty was suspected of taking them in the 1960s, but no evidence was ever found. They realize that Petty "came back" in the mausoleum, since the lock on it was broken from the inside. [oooh... creepy!] Petty had previously stabbed a guard who saw him, and that body is found in one of the mausoleum holds. [I love that Soto is still squeamish!] Madsen calls to update Hauser and he tells her to cross-reference "sandstone" (the color of the paint cans they found) with parks and playgrounds (they found some playground turf in there as well), specifically with "windward." See, Hauser had found some song lyrics with certain words circled, coding where the landmines are. The song has a second verse, so he uses that to try and figure out where the new bombs are. [is it just me or are criminals always doing things in weird patterns like this... using words cut from books as message-readers, figuring out cryptograms, and now reading into lyrics??] We also find out that it was Lucy who originally cracked this code fifty years earlier, and Hauser told her that he'd find the rest of them. Well, Hauser heads to "sunset," which is a beach. He finds Petty and pulls a gun on him. But, he's on a landmine and Petty makes him give over his gun and phone. Madsen thinks it's
CR: Liane Hentscher/FOX
a waste of time for her and Soto to be on a stakeout at some "random" location, but Hauser comes and they catch him. They lock up Petty in the real Alcatraz and Soto talks to him while Madsen looks for clues. Petty says he went to sleep a week ago and woke up in 2012. [hmmm... so the 63s don't seem to have knowledge of where they've been...] Then, Petty starts to talk about a "female headshrink" (whom Soto knows nothing about) when Madsen returns, and the three head for the beach. Hauser is standing on a detonator, so they call in the troops to try and deactivate the bomb. Both Hauser and Madsen know that "twin tree" is the clue from the first set of bombs that was never found, and after Hauser is saved, he shoots Petty in the leg and threatens to kill him. Petty gives away the location of the remaining landmines - a hiking trail that nobody has taken in fifty years. [strange... Petty didn't know that the trail was about to become unusable when he planted the bombs?] Sadly, Madsen's friend, Tanner, is killed by the landmine that Hauser was on. Hauser finds the bombs and brings one to Lucy's bedside. He then brings Lucy to Beauregard and tells him to fix her. [whoa. did he steal her from the hospital?? does she have no next-of-kin?]

In 1960 Alcatraz, we learn that Hauser had a crush on Lucy. Petty was drowned in a bathtub multiple times in an attempt to get him to divulge where the remaining landmines were buried. Lucy disagreed with the practice, and tried to use tea drugged with a mild anesthetic to get him to talk. She also attempts some shock therapy on Petty. [man! they really wanted to get to the bottom of this!] We also learn that Petty's outfit all received silver stars except him, and he wrote dozens of appeal letters, only to never be granted the award. Lucy also talks to Madsen, who wants to know why they keep bleeding him. She tries to find out, but isn't told the truth. [hmmm. I had been assuming that Lucy was part of the bleeding... that maybe it had to do with her "memories theory" or something.]

Fun Fact: Soto is technically a "Civilian Authority." 
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