Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Anything for Earl

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Okay. I know that there are tons and tons of folks complaining about all of the problems with the secondary characters, specifically about the racial stereotypes. And I'm sure that the addition of Sophie hasn't really helped those whiners. BUT, can we agree that having an episode that focuses on a secondary character can't be that great if NO CUPCAKES are mentioned AT ALL?? Yes, this episode takes place over a shorter period of time than some, and yes, the girls were under some stress, but there were ample opportunities for the girls to crank out some cupcakes. David could have used a cupcake in thanks. Surely the nurses would have appreciated some sugary goodness. The diner was still running, right? Cupcakes could have gone there! And Sophie always wants some! Anyway, I was clearly bothered by the fact that there was no baking going on. The only other thing that was especially notable in this episode (though it was a good one!) was Caroline talking to Max about how great a daughter she would have been. As someone whose father was absent from my preteen years onward, it's difficult to understand the relationships people have with their fathers, and Caroline talking about how Max cares for Earl was really sweet, and very true. Max deserved a father figure, as we all do. She was shorted that blessing, but it's nice to see that her compassionate side didn't suffer too much from it.

2 Broke Girls "And the Broken Hearts" (S01E16): Han has made a special Valentine's Day menu. [haha at the Prix Fixe joke with Oleg.] Sophie comes in with a parasol to offer the girls a ride home since it's raining. ["you cannot get me to come" was not funny. and yes, I know they meant an alternate spelling.] But, Earl has a heart attack, so although he wants to waltz on out, Max and Caroline take him to the
hospital in Sophie's towncar. Max gets rude with the receptionist, but gets Earl some treatment right away. But, they have trouble getting information about how he's doing, you know, with HIPAA and all. So, first she claims that she's his daughter, that he started late, and that her mom is a "honky," then she shows her driver's license which says her last name is "Black," then she adds that he's the love of her life. Since she already said that she's his daughter, she has to add that they're "from the south" in order for him also to be the love of his life. [funny how Max had a response to each problem, and I especially liked the joke about how her last name and his race mean they've got to be related. oh, and here were are, dated via Angry Birds.] Enough's enough, so Max has Caroline distract the receptionist while she sneaks past, and Earl tells her that he had a minor heart attack and will have to stay a few nights in the hospital. Earl has a history of heart problems, and tells Max to get him his own room. ["vag!na is her go-to" was inappropriate. "how you like me now, b!tch" was funny, tho!]

Caroline knows a boy from the family for whom the wing of the hospital is named, so Max suggests that she contact him, and, since she's never slept with him, offer him sex in exchange for getting Earl a private room. [lines like this really make me giggle!] Caroline apparently dumped David two years back, and he is still bitter about a Dartmouth t-shirt she took. He agrees to get Earl a VIP room, tho. The next night, the whole diner crew, plus Sophie, goes to the hospital to see Earl. [ewww on how Sophie gave Caroline some lip gloss!] Caroline gives David a Williamsburg shirt (the Dartmouth one is still being held hostage at the townhouse), and it turns out that he lives in that area now, too. She asks him out, but he declines, since he could never bring her home. [poor Caroline... she's probably going to keep getting discriminated against by her old high-society folks forever.] On her way out, Max tells David that he wasn't very nice. [um, okay.] The receptionist asks out Max, and she goes for it. [didn't see that coming!] The girls sleep at the hospital, and Caroline realizes that it's the first year that she won't have Valentine's Day flowers from her father. [what? I bet she will. Her father can pull that off!]. When the girls return to their apartment, Sophie shows up with two vases of flowers - both were addressed to Caroline. Her father sent a set for her and a set for Max, for taking care of Caroline. [awww.]

Cupcakery Total: $865.00 (no change from last episode)
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