Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: Facebook Stalking

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm not going to lie... I know what most of my ex-boyfriends are up to, thanks to facebook. There's two in particular with no easily-obtainable information online (one's last name is Smith, I don't know the other's last name, and I don't remember what high schools either of them went to), but I otherwise go stalking from time to time, looking at pictures of their children and reading about their new jobs. It's handy. I thought it was a great idea to have an episode where the ladies used the internet to find out what their old flames are up to now. I don't like that we're on a cliffhanger for a while, and I'm also not sure why they're making two of the women go after the same man YET AGAIN. But, the bird could be a nice addition for a while - the dog certainly made for some great comedy! Plus, I've pretty much given up on Victoria acting committed to anybody, so I am starting to just ignore her love-life storylines... anyone else?

Hot in Cleveland "Lost Loves" (S03E12): The ladies talk about their long-lost crushes and loves: Melanie talks of a boy from her high school days, Elka talks about Max, Victoria talks about her first husband, Clark, and Joy talks about Kyle, the runaway groom. They decide to find their respective men, though Elka is a bit reserved, plus she is currently boycotting Facebook because of the new design. [hahahaha!]

After some online interaction, Clark comes to the house to greet Victoria. He looks vastly different because of his time in the South American wild [haha on "he ordered something on Amazon that made him small.] Clark brings his parrot, Barry, who mistakenly repeats some things the ladies were saying. Barry gets the impression that he repulses Victoria, but all is mended when he says that there is something in Peru that removes wrinkles. In fact, he and Victoria head off into the night to fly to Peru, leaving Elka in charge of Barry.

Nick and Melanie flirt online, and she learns that he's on a trip in the area. So, she shows up at his place, wearing just a swim jacket, since Elka comments that men like it when women are naked under raincoats. [haha] However, his pregnant wife and three sons are there, too. [oh goodness!] The wife soon goes into labor, so Melanie is left to watch the sons. Luckily, a guy comes to help her after one of the boys runs off.

Joy goes overboard and hacks into Kyle's accounts, emails, and GPS to learn about him. [I love it!] She never found out why he left her at the altar. She writes an email but doesn't send it. Late at night, Elka decides to message Kyle as Joy, and they set a date. [of course. Elka would do that.] Joy brings Elka along to explain things, but they get sidetracked when they're stuck in an elevator... with Max (who works in the building) and a newlywed couple. It doesn't take too long for Max and Elka to fall for each other again. By the time the elevator is working again, Joy isn't able to find Kyle on the rooftop. Later, she goes to unfriend Kyle, and we see his picture... he's the same guy who is with Melanie! [uh oh. glad they threw in that explanation about how the ladies have never seen a picture of Kyle!]

[Note: Hot in Cleveland is now on a three-week hiatus, and when it returns, Happily Divorced will return as well.]

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