Monday, February 20, 2012

The Simpsons: The First Episode in The Outlands

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, the episode said to go outside and take in some fresh air before telling the internet about how much it sucked... but I don't really think that it did. It was neither the best nor the worst episode of The Simpsons, and I honestly found it to be pretty average. There were some disappointing moments, but there were also some great and memorable ones. Aside from the idea that Springfield wouldn't be the same without the Simpson family, it wasn't terribly momentous. And, part of me has to question hoe genuine that idea was... the possibility exists that the writers just had to come up with a way to make things return to status quo... and if the family can't come to the town, bring the town to the family! Still, I'd like to think that, despite all of the ridiculous hijinks that have happened over the years, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie really have dug in their heels and "made" Springfield what it is.

The Simpsons "At Long Last Leave" (S23E14): We open with some funny gags. The chalkboard has Milhouse writing "Bart's Earned a Day Off." [I love it!] The couch gag is a speedy flip-thru of many of the different things that they've done over the years with the family. [nice. I can hardly wait until someone takes the time to freeze-frame the entire thing and correlate which episode every image is from!] The family takes part in a disaster drill, but it almost seems fake because the news anchor keeps flipping between it being a drill and China having declared war on the US. [creepy.] The family goes to their bomb shelter.... but they don't stay the full three hours. Instead, they decide to drive around and see the town empty. [it is always weird. I've done this right after hurricanes before, and the emptiness is downright creepy.] City Hall is packed, though, so the family goes to find out why. Lo and behold, the town is voting to boot out the Simpson family! The city is going broke cleaning up after Homer's shenanigans. [haha! and good point, Maggie doesn't cry...] Marge speaks on behalf of the family, talking about how they're not monsters, but it doesn't help. In fact, Homer is tarred and feathered, and the whole family is brought to the city line. [how did they get a car full of stuff then?]

Lisa reads What to Expect When You're Ejected as they drive off without a plan. A dead Simpson is worth a soda, so the family is a bit worried. But, they soon stumble upon "The Outlands," an unincorporated settlement. They settle in and we're treated to a parody of the typical Springfield opening, but with the family living in The Outlands. The couch gag part features the family watching a fox rather than a TV. [haha!] They have motorbikes and four wheelers, but Maggie becomes a fighter and Marge has to take eggs from a snake hole. [weird wikileaks references.] Marge is homesick, so Homer brings her back to Springfield, with her dressed as Smithers and he as Mr. Burns. [the costumes were so bad. but still funny!] It doesn't last long, however, and they head back to The Outlands, where they're not unwanted. [haha at Smithers wanting a kiss from Burns. the monkey threw me off, though.] But, Lenny soon comes to the Outlands, then more and more folks from Springfield. Even Mayor Quimby arrives, saying that they need a corrupt city government. [worth a laugh.] Skinner seems to be the sole survivor in Springfield, wondering where everyone went. Bart comes back for him on a small helicopter, but bangs Skinner into things as they fly away. [I think that we were all a bit surprised that Bart was the one to go back for Skinner (including Skinner!), but what are you without your foil!]
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