Thursday, February 23, 2012

Smash: A New Cast Member

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

There are some folks out there who can't wait for this show to be cancelled. I'm not one of them. I've been reading one critics thoughts on this series... and it's just a list of moments that cause a viewer to roll his/her eyes. I even read an article urging folks NOT to watch this third episode of the series, though the rest of the season is good-to-go. I disagree - I thought that this episode was just fine. Fine, for the show. I am not in love with it the way I was hoping to be. I don't have a favorite character. I'm interested in the main plotline more than the side stories, so that's got to be a good sign. And, I need to remember that we're only three episodes in... I have an average enjoyment for the show at this point. Perhaps if it hadn't been built up forever, I wouldn't be so disappointed... it's difficult to say. Those who have seen more of Smash think the fourth episode is good, so maybe things will start to turn around... I hope.

Smash "Enter Mr. Dimaggio" (S01E03): Derek and Ivy share some intimate moments this episode, but I'm not sure if either of them are really "into" their relationship. At one point, Derek asks Ivy if she knows any more about about the musical than he does. [why would she? because she gets along with Tom better?] She uses another private moment to tell him that she wants to work on the role some more with him. She asks why they never go to his place and he gives some excuse about not having gas over there. Well, it all gets her to wondering whether sleeping with him got her the part. [we're all wondering, really. though i'm sure that year with Wicked helped a little.] Things start to look better for them when he comes to see her current show, but then he goes and messes around with her in her dressing room. [she's an ensemble member with her own dressing room? Or was everyone else gone already?]  

Karen meets with Derek, who offers her an ensemble part. Dev shows up unexpectedly and doesn't really hit it off with Derek. [now THIS really was an eye-roll moment!] She's worried about money and is hesitant to take Dev's offer to cover them. Karen's coworker tells her that she'll miss a lot of shifts to do this workshop, and she won't have weekends to herself anymore. Karen doesn't say much in response, as she's off to Iowa for her best friend's baby shower. [lovely house!] We see Karen's parents again, and she tries to tell them that she's happy and that this really is a big deal. [are her parents going to be recurring characters??] Still, her dad gives her some money. The baby shower is at a karaoke bar, and we learn that her friend will be a single mom. [a karaoke bar??] The group pushes Karen up to sing "Redneck Woman," and her dad listens to her sing, unseen.

Ellis has some drinks with friends and they suggest that he should get paid for coming up with idea of a Marilyn Monroe musical. So, he steals Julia's notebook to find "something interesting." He returns it to Julia the next day, saying that he found it under some of Tom's mail. [so... he found nothing. I hate this kid.] He also gets mouthy at her. [what's the point in having this additional conflict on the show? is there not enough already?]

The show starts casting some of the male characters, and a big hopeful is Michael Swift, who is about to become available. They go to check out his current piece and offer him the role of Joe DiMaggio. He worries about putting his young son in full-time daycare to only earn $200/week, but he ends up accepting. [it does sound like a raw deal when you look at it that way...] Julia runs into him at Eileen's office, and there's definite tension between them. Julia admits to Tom that she and Michael has an affair five years ago... nobody else knows, except Ellis, who was eavesdropping. [HATE.THAT.KID.] Also, Tom eats with one of Ivy's friends (who is interested in Tom), and he learns that Ivy and Derek are "dating." He tells Julia that it's unethical, questioning the motives involved. 
Ivy and Michael rehearse their duet.
Photo by: Patrick Harbron/NBC
Eileen sells a bunch of jewelry and buys a pair of Marilyn Monroe-inspired knock-off earrings for $50. When Eileen and Derek have dinner, Jerry shows up to try wooing Derek away. Eileen starts talking with some investors, but without Jerry involved, they're not as interested. [that sucks... people only trust you if your husband's involved?] She claims that she only needs to raise $200,000 for the workshop. [hmmm.] Jerry tries to have dinner with her, but she's still resistant. [can we get over throwing drinks at him??] He's trying to help her produce Marilyn, but she tells him that she can do it herself. [but... can she? really?]
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