Sunday, February 26, 2012

Suburgatory: Divorce & Best Friends

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So this divorce thing... yes, it's really happening with Dallas, but is it really going to become a trend like Tessa suggests? Also, let's take a quick moment to look at the other fads she names for Chatswin in the short time that she's been there... owning spotted owls, wearing British royal hats, having mannies, and wearing side fishtail braids. Now, we had stupid trends in my middle school, like wearing corduroy Billabong jackets, carrying stuffed animal-shaped purses, and sporting Airwalks, but those weren't really a suburb-wide thing, per se. I can't think of a trend like that other than having automatic sprinklers installed in your yard or putting up a fence... have I just been out of an area like that for too long or is that a thing? Also, at first I thought that, surely, divorce wouldn't work as a fad... though having babies tends to be, so perhaps leaving one's spouse could function as one, too. I still think it's a bit ridiculous. 

Suburgatory "Fire with Fire" (S01E15): Noah's wife is injured by the shower head and yells at him for not fixing it. [well, yeah! she totally took a huge hit!] Rather than doing something useful, he sticks a "broken" post-it on it... that falls immediately. The next time Jill takes a shower, she breaks her nose. [omg. the day my husband doesn't fix something and I break a bone from it, there's trouble!] Since she'll need to have it re-broken to set it properly, Noah offers her some more procedures, and she decides to have done what Dallas just underwent - up a half cup-size and some botox/collagen. [why would he suggest that she get some more procedures? seems rude.] Then, Jill decides to go stay with Dallas, which breaks Noah's heart. A ten-year-old tells Noah that he should get back at his wife by flirting with one of her friends, so he and George go to the same club as Dallas and Jill. [the idea that Noah listens to a kid bothers me. also, three buttons is weird. and why is George now semi-interested in Dallas?] When that does nothing, however, Noah tries to get Jill back by using a bullhorn and riding a white horse. Even though he claims to have fixed the showerhead, she hesitates... until Dallas tells her to go. Too bad that they end up falling off the horse and Noah is taken away on a gurney. [meh.]

Dalia waves to Lisa in public, and they exchange a few words. Then, Dalia invites Lisa to sit at her lunch table, wanting to get back at Tessa. [only Dalia...] Dalia arriving at Lisa's house shocks Sheila, who is then thrilled. Dalia plays her strengths, giving Lisa a makeover. Tessa decides to act in a similar way, using Kimantha to get back at Dalia. [sinking a little low for Tessa, no?] But, as soon as Tessa has Kimantha act as Malik's dance partner, Lisa gets uber-jealous and comes back. [Lisa is just so weird.] Tessa confronts Dalia about the behavior, and asks if they can put it behind them. [guys, nobody does this in high school. They just get things back to normal and move on. or have things matured in the past ten years?] Dalia admits that she thinks that her mom will end up with George. [nah.] The end scene has Lisa being b!tchy to Tessa and Malik. [what was with that??]
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