Thursday, March 15, 2012

19 Kids & Counting: JoyAnna Learns to Drive

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Okay, the timeline screws up everything that happens in this episode, so let's not even both trying to dissect it. Still, it's bothersome. As is the fact that the Duggars are late for everything, including their volunteer work. Why not take more than one vehicle, so some of the older kids could be on-time at least? And why was Jana continuing to cook even after JimBob pushed the family out of the house? Maybe she didn't want anyone going hungry, even if it would cost them a few more minutes? Or maybe the orders were mixed - Michelle asked her to feed everyone but JimBob asked her to finish up? We didn't see much of the other older girls, and not much of the older boys, either. It was a Joy-centric episode, even though it was odd to hear Michelle talk about Joy "stage of life." Next week looks to be a boy-centric episode, though Joy apparently has a part in it as well. Why are we getting so much Jana again, and what's with the other girls these days?

19 Kids and Counting "Swerve & Serve" (S06E07): Joy is turning 14 and Johannah is turning 6, so the family goes to Little Rock to hit up a play center, where they bowl, ride go-karts, and play arcade games and air hockey. [Josie is such a cutie!] Grandma stays at home. JimBob talks about how Jana was like Johannah when she was little - more of a rough-n-tumble girl. [implying that Johannah better not stay as she is, which is kinda sad.] Michelle talks about how Joy is maturing from a tomboy to a young lady, but sometimes she gets caught in the middle.

The family serves at a fish fry that is a fundraiser for Friendly Chapel, which has several mission projects. [what's the point in talking about "Duggar Time" at this point? though it was funny to hear from several of the kids what they think about it. and, that staged, "I'm bailing," was dumb.] JimBob and Michelle compete to see who can collect more trash from the folks eating. [really? how childish.] Some of the kids pass out cookies.
Michelle (who is 18 weeks along in her pregnancy for this segment) gives Joy her first driving lesson. [new commercials, eh?] She's used the RTVs and mowers before, so she knows some basics. They use cones to build an obstacle course of sorts, and she also tries parallel parking. [on her first time out? I wasn't ready for much at all for a few weeks! though I do have friends whose parents had them drive home from getting their learner's permits!] We know that JimBob usually teaches the kids to drive,but it's not revealed as to why Michelle was teaching Joy. [Michelle no longer remembers the kids' birth order? Why did she have to count to remember that Joy is the ninth child?]
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