Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smash: Taking Another Role

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Michael and Julia taking on the roles of the other's spouse. Karen taking a role of a friend who was taking it from Ivy. Karen potentially taking the Marilyn role from Ivy. Ivy taking the role of Marilyn in a way (with the drugs). Interesting themes for an episodes called, "Chemistry." Sure, there were two jokes about the science, but they weren't that amusing. I also felt like not enough attention was paid to the face that the workshop date is getting ever closer and the script isn't finished. Yes, as was pointed out, things are often fluid until (and after, for that matter) opening night, but still. There are quite a few plot holes in the script from what IS being said, and very little screen-time is being dedicated to fixing that concern. Either next week's episode will focus on it highly, or it'll be solved off-screen, since time is a-tickin'.

Smash "Chemistry" (S01E06): Ivy realizes that she's having trouble with her voice, but doesn't tell anyone until it becomes apparent in rehearsal. [I'd probably keep that fact to myself, too, just in case it was only a temporary thing!] Tom goes to the doctor with Ivy and they learn that her voice is inflamed. They try to rest it as she's hyper-sensitive to steroids and other drugs. Derek wonders if Karen should take over, which pushes Ivy into starting the course of treatment. Ivy begins experiencing side effects almost immediately, including hallucinations. This causes her to fly off the handle at the next rehearsal, blaming Derek for almost everything. She causes a scene and Tom goes after her. [I'm so sick of Tom fawning over Ivy. He leaves a party to help her, he's the one who goes after her, etc...]

Eileen talks to a potential investor and says that she'll need $7M, not $50M, because it'll be an out-of-town tryout after the workshop. Ellis comes to report about the rehearsals multiple times, which throws Eileen a bit. [and me. he just leaves Tom's side to do this? And nobody finds it odd?] He also has a connection show her an apartment that is not yet available, and they're even drinking together at a dive bar! [so Eileen has taken to slumming, got it.] 

Karen is upset that she has a "high" credit card bill of over $300. Her friends just laugh at her. [so I take it that she only puts things on credit that she can't afford, rather than everything to get the points?] So, when one of her friends offers her a Bar Mitzvah gig (the friend is double-booked), she takes it because it pays $500 
(Photo by: Patrick Harbron/NBC)
(even though it is out on Long Island). She's never been to a bar mitzvah, runs late, and struggles a little through "Hava Nagila." [she didn't prepare at all, I take it?] She also spends the majority of the night texting, and it becomes clear that she isn't who was originally hired. [a song about heaven and using the word "d@mned"  at a Jewish event? ooook...] She receives a business card at the end of the night, and it turns out to be from a big-name guy.

With Frank STILL out of town, Leo is getting tired of his mother's burnt pancakes (which happen because she's daydreaming about Michael). Michael asks Julia for some help on his role, but she puts him off. Then, he tells her that he can't sleep, which causes her to walk out of rehearsal. [GET IT TOGETHER. you guys are adults!] She decides to tell Tom about the kiss. Though Frank does return from his trip (about time!), Julia goes for a late-night walk and meets Michael at the rehearsal hall, where they strip down and submit to temptation. [losing my respect, folks.]
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