Wednesday, March 28, 2012

19 Kids & Counting: Losing a Baby

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

A lot could be said about this past season of 19 Kids and Counting, which anyone who follows the news knew would end with the loss of Baby Jubilee. Because of the solemn nature of the episode, I will not make many remarks.

19 Kids & Counting "A Duggar Loss" (S06E09): We're reminded of the "we're expecting" announcement from Today, then Michelle reiterates about how they left family planning up to God. [I guess they have to keep explaining this for the handful of new viewers every now and then?] We see more of Michelle exercising and talking about healthy eating. [just to reinforce that it wasn't Michelle's fault?] We see Michelle and Josie visit the Children's Hospital in Little Rock to reunite with a few of Josie's nurses. [if this was really when they went to do that speaking engagement in Little Rock, where were the boys? A few of the younger ones were on that trip, too...] The night before the ultrasound, Michelle and JimBob take name suggestions, and hear things like Jerusalem, Jamocha, Jefferson (Davis), Joel, Jarvis, Javier, Jericho, Jasmine, Judy, Jane, Jenelle, Julie, Jenessa, Justice, Jenesis, and Jubilee. [I wanted to hear from Grandma Duggar! Also, didn't they have a dog named Jasmine?] Michelle explains the "J" name thing again, and talks about the first miscarried baby being "Caleb" because Joshua and Caleb were friends in the Bible. [the "J" thing is covered all the time, but this is my first memory of her describing Caleb's story on the show, normally that's just in interviews and whatnot.] The soundman is going to find out the sex first, then the whole family would find out together later. [why not give one of the older girls that joy? Because that's what the Bates do?] The fetus has no heartbeat, and it measured at around 17 weeks. Michelle quotes some scripture, then asks JimBob to pray. When they arrive home, they gather the family (Josh and Anna are not present) and Michelle breaks the news. [I thought that she did a good job of explaining what happened without "dumbing it down" too much, which I was expecting from her.] Michelle and JimBob offer the kids a chance to talk if any of them want to. [how would they handle this? a group session? a waiting line a mile long? split up and talk to the kids? none of these are great solutions...]
Michelle talks about the next three days, the contractions, the peace she made, and her preparations for delivery. The pastor who married Michelle and JimBob gives the eulogy at the funeral of Jubilee Shalom. [a lot of people show up!] We see the birth certificate and tiny handprint of the four-ounce baby. [looks like Jana, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy attended the birth. Jill is listed with her full name rather than as a sibling, so does that mean she's doing more midwifery training? Did she assist, perhaps?] The burial ends the episode, with Michelle leading the family in "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know." [Josie singing is the cutest!]
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