Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happily Divorced: Looking Out for Your Father

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Talk about an episode full of promise but didn't go anywhere! I liked the idea that Fran's dad may be a little less independent than he once was. I liked the idea that Peter spent way too much on an outfit to impress a guy. I liked the idea that Fran's dad could be a wingman for Peter. But in actuality, none of these storylines really did much. The part I liked the most ended up being Judy and Cesar listening in on Fran & Peter's conversation via pocket-dial. I never was enthralled with this show, so perhaps it's getting near the chopping block... we'll give it another couple of attempts to impress, though. Do you agree?

Happily Divorced "Daddy's Girl" (S02E03): Fran and Peter go to her parents' house and her mom makes a "fat" comment to her. [meh. normally I'd feel for Fran a little more, but most of the outfits that she wears aren't the most flattering choices.] Her dad is starting to miss things and forget things, so Fran is a bit worried and decides to try to stop him from driving. But, he won't let her in the car - so she makes Peter miss his spin class (for which he bought a new track suit to impress a guy) to go with him to the market. [I was slightly afraid that Glen wouldn't notice Fran standing in front of the car and he might bump her... glad that didn't happen!]
Glen and Peter go to a bar and Glen wonders how Peter can't get a man. [nice to see Glen so accepting and interested in Peter's life.] Glen then meets Keith (the gym guy) and introduces him to Peter. Glen owns a motorcycle shop (selling leather is "the Jewish doctor" of Peter's world, apparently). [did anyone else find this just plain odd?, oh, and "I've still got it." "So do they." was funny.] They head to the motorcycle shop and Glen buys a motorcycle, panicking Fran. [well, yeah. I would worry about an elderly man on a motorcycle!]. Fran begs Peter to help her steal it, but neither really know much about driving it, so they wind up crashing into the flowershop. [surprised they got that far without incident, actually.] Along the way, Fran pocket-dials Judy so she and Cesar listen to Fran and Peter argue about Glen. [driving along and getting gum in your mouth was about the grossest thing EVER!]
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